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  • Index:MLN Volume 117 (2002)


Agin, Shane. "Comment se font les enfans?" Sex Education and the Preservation of Innocence in Eighteenth-Century France 722 (4)
Anderson, Wilda. Régénérer la nation: les enfants terrorisés de la Révolution 698 (4)
Ansart, Guillaume. Le Triomphe de l'amour: Cross-Dressing and Self-Discovery in Marivaux 908 (4)
Arias, Arturo. After the Rigoberta Menchú Controversy: Lessons Learned About the Nature of Subalternity and the Specifics of the Indigenous Subject 481 (2)
Bay, Hansjörg. De revolutionibus. Bahnen und Bahnungen im Werk Hölderlins 599 (3)
Bermúdez, Silvia. La Habana para un exiliado gallego: Manuel Curros Enríquez, La Tierra Gallega y la modernidad nacional transatlántica 331 (2)
Blood, Susan. The Poetics of Expenditure 836 (4)
Carugati, Giuliana. Mistica, ermeneutica, Dante 1 (1)
Coda, Elena. The Representation of the Metropolis in Scipio Slataper's Il mio Carso 153 (1)
Defaux, Gérard. Montaigne, la vie, les livres : naissance d'un philosophe sceptique - et « impremedité » 780 (4)
DuPont, Denise. Decadence, Women Writers, and Literary History in Emilia Pardo Bazán's Late Criticism 343 (2)
Earle, Bo. Involuntary Narration, Narrating Involition: Proust on Death, Repetition and Self-Becoming 943 (5)
Egginton, William. Cervantes, Romantic Irony and the Making of Reality 1040 (5)
Fabbian, Chiara. Poesia in cucina: Lina e il mondo femminile nella rappresentazione di Umberto Saba 174 (1)
Firmat, Gustavo Pérez. Bilingual Blues, Bilingual Bliss: El caso Casey 432 (2)
Fliedl, Konstanze. Das Gedicht an sich. Paul Flemings Trostsonett 634 (3) [End Page 1167]
Francese, Joseph. On Homoerotic Tension in Michelangelo's Poetry 17 (1)
Gabriele, Tommasina. From Prostitution to Transsexuality: Gender Identity and Subversive Sexuality in Dacia Maraini 241 (1)
Garofalo, Piero. Once Upon a Time … Narrative Strategies in Verga's "Jeli il pastore" and "Rosso Malpelo" 84 (1)
Gasché, Rodolphe. Kafka's Law: In the Field of Forces Between Judaism and Hellenism 971 (5)
Giuriato, Davide. Löschblatt. Vom Umgang mit Walter Benjamins Handschriften 560 (3)
Gómez, Fernando. Francisco de Vitoria in 1934, before and after 365 (2)
Goulemot, Jean M. L'Enfant et l'adolescent, objets et sujets du désir amoureux dans le discours des lumières 710 (4)
Groddeck, Wolfram. Schrift und Textkritik. Vorläufige Überle-gungen zu einem Editions problem in Robert Walsers Mikrogrammen am Modell der "Bleistiftskizze" 544 (3)
Harney, Lucy D. Carnival and Critical Reception in the Sainete Tradition 310 (2)
Luzzi, Joseph. Italy without Italians: Literary Origins of a Romantic Myth 48 (1)
Mairesse, Anne N. Return to Monsieur Teste?, or "What is a man capable of?": Valéry, Anthropologist of Modernity 1003 (5)
Mankin, Robert. Montesquieu and the Spirit of Childhood 737 (4)
Menechella, Grazia. Centuria: Manganelli aspirante sonettiere 207 (1)
Morgenthaler, Walter. Grattier, Gratthier oder Steinbock? Zur Textkonstitution bei Conrad Ferdinand Meyer und Gott-fried Keller 527 (3)
Nägele, Rainer. Phantom of a Corpse: Ophelia from Rimbaud to Brecht 1069 (5)
Neefs, Jacques. « Scènes d'enfants », au dix-neuvième siècle 754 (4)
Neefs, Jacques and Jean M. Goulemot, Special Editors Imaginaires de l'enfance 695 (4)
Pedriali, Federica G. La bibbia illustrata dell' ingegnere. Osservazioni per un bestiario gaddiano 194 (1)
Pernot, Denis. Les Enfances mal-lisantes de Valery Larbaud 768 (4)
Re, Lucia. D'Annunzio, Duse, Wilde, Bernhardt: il rapporto autore/attrice fra decadentismo e modernità 115 (1)
Reitani, Luigi. Face to Face. Hölderlin in a new Italian bilingual edition 590 (3) [End Page 1168]
Reuß, Roland. Notizen zum Grundriß der Textkritik 584 (3)
Rhodes, Elizabeth. Gender and the Monstrous in El burlador de Sevilla 267 (2)
Ribeiro de Menezes, Alison. Reciting/re-siting the Libro de buen amor in the zoco: Irony, Orality and the Islamic in Juan Goytisolo's Makbara 406 (2)
Saccone, Eduardo. I mondi di Verga: l'ossimoro di Cavalleria Rusticana 106 (1)
Scarparo, Susanna. "Sono uno storico in quanto scrittore": Imagining the Past in Maria Bellonci's Rinascimento privato 227 (1)
Schlau, Stacey. Following Saint Teresa: Early Modern Women and Religious Authority 286 (2)
Schlossman, Beryl. Memory and Fiction in the Novels of Catherine Colomb 1028 (5)
Soto-Crespo, Ramón E. "The Pains of Memory": Mourning the Nation in Puerto Rican Art...


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