For many years it was accepted that Hildegard of Bingen was enclosed at Disibodenberg in her eighth year. This was reassessed after the publication of Vita Juttae in 1992. According to this new text it appeared that Jutta and Hildegard were enclosed at the monastery in 1112 on 1 November, a date that coincides with information in the Annals of Disibodenberg. Examination of both texts is important to ascertain to what degree they corroborate each other, and whether this corroboration is reliable. There is a suggestion that the writer of Vita Juttae borrowed from the Annals which means the texts are not independent of each other. On the other hand they may have been written by the same monk. Examination of the significance of November 1, which is the feast of All Saints, offers further support to 1112 as the year of Jutta and Hildegard's enclosure at Disibodenberg, this being the feast day specifically chosen by Jutta.


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