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Reviews impairment; and (b) as judgmental, i.e., a testimony that mainstreaming works, is effective, and is applicable to the majority of hearingimpaired students. Based on the first perspective, unquestionably , it is a thorough resource text that will be of great assistance to involved school districts. It is full of processes, guidelines, and practical information. Included are such topics as philosophy of integration, program management, inservice training for regular educators, and legislative trends. In addition, there are 40 case studies of students who have been through the mainstreaming program. On the second perspective, one cannot help but question the assumptions made, i.e., the success of mainstreaming and whether this is appropriate for the majority of hearing-impaired students. There is no indication of the parameters utilized to measure success other than the fact that the students have actually gone through the mainstreaming process. Case after case study in Dr. Yater's book points out the same areas of need: reading comprehension, vocabulary, speech, and written language. The reader is left with the impression that these problem areas will be solved by the mainstreaming process itself or with special help. There is no mention of the relationship of mainstreaming to the onset of hearing impairment, socio-economic status, or degree of loss. Also, it is strange that in a comprehensive text such as this, no mention is made of the possibility of integration with sign language interpreters, a fait accompli in many areas across the nation. Larry Neiuman, Asst. Supt. California School for the Deaf 3044 Horace Street Riverside, Ca. 92506 Sentences and Other Systems—A Language and Learning Curriculum for Hearing-Impaired Children , Peter Blackwell, Elizabeth Engen, Joseph Fischgrund , and Christina Zarcadoolas, 190 pp., $11.75, Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf, Inc. 3417 VoltaPlace, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20007,1978. Sentences and Other Systems is an integration of cognitive studies (Piaget, Bruner, Vygotsky) and linguistic and language acquisition studies (Chomsky, Fillmore, Bloom, Brown) and its imaginative application to the education of deaf children, preschool through secondary school. This book includes a chapter on the process of curriculum design as implemented by the Rhode Island School for the Deaf and a chapter on language assessment (informal and formal testing). Õ would recommend Sentences and Other Systems for classroom teachers and its use as a beginning text in teacher training programs for the deaf at the B.A. and M. A. level. The bibliographies on Linguistics, Cognition, Reading, and Child Language Development might be useful to the graduate student or teacher who is interested in expanding his/her knowledge in current research. The bibliography on Childrens ' Literature might be useful for teachers looking for supplementary classroom reading materials. Finally, the five basic sentence patterns which develop into more complex language structures clearly exemplified in the book might be a starting point for reading/language material designers in the field. Jean Andrews Graduate Student Dept. of Speech and Hearing Science University of Illinois Champaign, 111. 61820 A.A.D. I June 1981 391 ...


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