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IVResearch Programs and Services A. Research Projects: Schools and Classes B. Doctoral Dissertations Research and/or Demonstration Projects in Schools and Classes for the Deaf Listed in this section are current (1985-86) research and/or demonstration projects reported by schools and classes for the deaf in the United States and Canada. To provide a clearer focus, the ECIA: Chapter I projects are presented separately, followed by other projects conducted at the reporting sources. ECIA: Chapter 1 Projects funded through the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act (ECIA) — Chapter I, State Agency Program : Handicapped — are listed below. This act supplanted the legislation stemming from Part B, Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 (P.L. 8910 ), as amended by P.L. 89-313, authorizing aid to state agencies operating or supporting schools for handicapped children. Since 1965, various amendments to the act have resulted in the following series of laws: P.L. 90-247, P.L. 91230 , P.L. 93-380 and P.L. 95-561. In addition to the identified "projects," 49 schools or classes indicated that they used ECIA: Chapter I funding for providing supplemental services , supplies, or equipment to hearing-impaired students, although they did not specify project title or components. Alabama Colorado Media Development, Job Readiness, Mobility Services and Support Programs; D. C. Patterson Alabama Institute f/t Deaf & Blind, Talladega Arizona Instructional Support Services Phoenix Day School f/t Deaf, Phoenix Supplemental Instructional Services—Classroom Aides; K. Rislor Arizona State School f/t Deaf, Tucson Arkansas Support Services (physical therapy; special transportation; speech therapy); S. Morris Pope/Yell County Coop., Dover Support Programs (speech and language services for students; parent-infant education; computer-assisted instruction laboratory for hearing-impaired students); J. S. Finch Arkansas School f/t Deaf, Little Rock California Title 1 Projects (remedial language; reading; math centers; student assistants; psycho-educational consultation, aural rehabilitation ; learning disability assessment); J. Arcanin California School f/t Deaf, Fremont Developmentally Based Individualized Learning Programs (reading ; language; mathematics) California School f/t Deaf, Riverside Support Services (special education technicians; interpreter/tutor services; sign language tutor; curriculum development; parent -infant advisor); J. G. Osborn Colorado School f/t Deaf & Blind, Colorado Springs Connecticut Data Based Training Program; M. Alberghetti Connecticut Institute f/t Blind, Hartford Enrichment Experiences (computer camps; summer school; computer software; library materials) CREC Hearing Impaired Program, Wethersfield Delaware Psycho-Social-Educational-Motor Development of Hearing-Impaired Students; Statewide Education Program for Deaf-Blind Children (district programs for hearing impaired; occupational therapy ; graphic arts/woodworking); F. E. Thomure Margaret S. Sterck School f/t Deaf, Newark Florida Special and Support Services (teacher aides; language resource/ media services; programmed instruction; hands-on art education ; snack bar operation; school-home liaison coordinator; staff and curriculum development; physical education); K. D. Randall Florida School f/t Deaf & Blind, St. Augustine Parent Liaison Services (supportive educational and rehabilitation materials for home and school use; diagnostic/medical/ psychological evaluations); U. Schommer Palm Beach Co. School Board, West Palm Beach 184 Research/Demonstration Projects A.A.D. I April 1986 Georgia Kentucky Supplemental Services (instructional aides; in-service; computers and classroom materials); M. Brown Georgia School f/t Deaf, Cave Spring Enhancing Instruction Through the Use of Instructional Aides in the Classroom; M. K. McCubbin Atlanta Area School f/t Deaf, Clarkston Hawaii Support Services (diagnostic prescriptive services for the sensory impaired; guidance in sex education; development of coping skills through guidance); S. Agcaoili Hawaii School f/t Deaf & Blind, Honolulu Idaho Project Youth (physical therapy; clinical counseling; speech evaluations); G. Hoyle Idaho State School f/t Deaf & Blind, Gooding Illinois Parent-Infant Education (speech and language development; physical therapy) Mark T. Skinner School, Chicago Development of Transitional Services for Deaf-Blind (work-related skills; age-appropriate recreational/leisure skills; community integration); T. Bourret Illinois Deaf Blind Service Center/School, Glen Ellyn Sign Language Classes for Normal Hearing Children Lake County Special Education District, Gurnee Supplements to Reading (developmental reading; remedial reading ; functional reading; leisure time reading); E. VV. Scott Illinois School f/t Deaf, Jacksonville Support Services (physical therapy; psychological therapy; occupational therapy; social work); E. Little School for Hearing Impaired/Jefferson School, Marion Indiana Special Services for Multiply Handicapped Deaf; Adapted Physical...


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