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Editorial nedys did not provide their mentally retarded daughter (prior to PL 94-142) with the kind of least restrictive education now seen as the constitutional right of all retarded children. With regard to the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, deaf and other handicapped groups with the potential to be self-supporting should be provided the vocational rehabilitation needed for achieving this goal when it is cost effective. When this capacity for selfsufficiency is developed, the government should not then pay these able people for not working when jobs are available. It now does under SSI and SSDI. McCay Vernon Editor ERRATUM The following correction to the article, "An Evaluation of the United States Rubella Immunization Program" which appeared in the November 1980 issue of the Annals should be noted. On page 970 the first sentence of the last paragraph should read: Persistence of the prevaccine level of susceptibility in older age groups most probably is not due to higher than expected rates of failure to seroconvert after vaccination or to waning vaccine-induced immunity. We apologize for the confusion and inconvenience this mistake may have caused our readers and the authors of the article. 12 A.A.D. I February 1981 ...


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