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IV. Research Programs and Services A. Research Projects: Schools and Classes B. Doctoral Dissertations Research and/or Demonstration Projects in Schools and Classes for the Deaf Listed in this section are current (1989-90) research and/or demonstration projects reported by schools and classes for the deaf in the United States. To provide a clearer focus, the ECIA: Chapter I projects are presented separately, followed by other projects conducted at the reporting sources. ECIA: Chapter I Projects funded through the Education Consolidation and Improvement Act (ECIA)—Chapter I, State Agency Program: Handicapped—are listed below. This act supplemented the legislation stemming from Part B, Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965 (P.L. 89-10), as amended by P.L. 89-313, authorizing aid to state agencies operating or supporting schools for handicapped children. Since 1965, various amendments to the act have resulted in the following series of laws: P.O 90-247, P.L. 91-230, P.O. 93-380 and P.L. 95-561. In addition to the identified "projects," a number of schools or classes indicated that they used ECIA: Chapter I funding for providing supplemental services, supplies , or equipment to hearing-impaired students, although they did not specify project tide or components. Alabama Supplementary Services (orientation and mobility, library services). P. Wade Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind, Talladega Arizona Educational Support Staf/Ctezcher, library/media, hearing aid technicians). A. Molmod Phoenix Day School for the Deaf, Phoenix Supplementary Services(materials and supplies). M. Callendar Scottsdale Unified School District #48, Scottsdale Colorado Special Education Services (classroom assistance, infant education , accessibility barriers). J. Osborne Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind, Colorado Springs Connecticut Supplementary Services (computer software). K. Fors Norwaik Public Schools H-I Program, Norwaik Delaware Statewide Educational Program for the Hearing Impaired (developmental, occupational therapy). F. Thomure Margaret S. Sterck School for the Deaf, Newark Florida Supplementary Services (counseling). J. Lamb Pinellas Country Public Schools - Dept. of Education for the Hearing-Impaired, Clearwater Supplementary Services (occupational therapy, adaptive physical education). J. Corley Santa Rosa County School Board, Milton Idaho Acquisition of Reproductive Anatomy Models (sex education/ human sexuality). Idaho State School for the Deaf and Blind, Gooding Illinois Supplementary Services (motor skills development). H. M Jacoby Illinois School for die Visually Impaired, Jacksonville Kansas Supplementary Services (adaptive equipment). R. Malcolm N. W. Kansas Education Service Center - Programs for the Deaf and Hearing-Impaired, Colby Kentucky Realizing the Full Potential of Deaf Students Ganguage development , educational/technical support services, communication skill development). T. Kearns Kentucky School for the Deaf, Danville Louisiana Supplementary Services (occupational and physical therapy). G. Duplessis Ascension Parish Schools, Le Blane Special Services, Gonslez Maryland Supplementary Services (early intervention, family education, classroom intervention). Maryland School for the Deaf, Columbia Supplementary Services (early intervention, family education, classroom intervention). Maryland School for the Deaf, Frederick Institutional and Vocational Programs for the Handicapped (vocational training, instructional and therapeutic programs for emotionally handicapped). V. Froehlinger Baltimore County Public Schools, Towson Massachusetts Provision ofPrevocational andAudiological Services for Deaf and Multihandicapped Student (prevocational development, amplification and auditory training). Staff Beverly School for the Deaf, Beverly A Support for Language and Living Skills, ASL/LSD (language acquisition and social skills development, independent living skills). The Boston School for the Deaf, Boston Vol. 135, No. 2 AAD/REFERENCE 1990 193 Research Summer Tutor Job Training forDeafAdolescents (job training, academic tutoring). L. Bianchi Horace Mann School for the Deaf, Allston Michigan Amelioration of Handicapping Condition (sign language instruction). D. Updegraff Michigan School for the Deaf, Flint Supportive Services (computer and software for language). North Dickinson County School District, Iron Mountain Minnesota Individualizing with Reduced Student/Staff Ratio (campus/ community learning experiences). J. Galloway Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf, Faribault Mississippi School for Children with Impaired Hearing, USM - Statewide University Based Program (identification, assessment, counseling , placement, language, development through total communication approach). L. Cubley University of Mississippi, School for Hearing Impaired, Hattiesburg Missouri Supplementary Services (academic assistance for teacher aides). Missouri School for the Deaf, Fulton Montana Component I - Counseling and Recreation Program (behavioral counseling and physical recreation program). R. Gebo Component II- Itinerary Support (itinerary services provided to blind students on a statewide basis...


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