The overhead projector, screen, and projectable materials can now be available in every classroom for the hearing impaired in the country. It remains for every classroom teacher to exploit or to take advantage of the combination.

The overhead projector can be easily used as a floodlight, to project outlines of objects, as an extemporaneous chalkboard substitute, for a planned chalkboard substitute, for displaying student work, for commercial transparencies, for shared transparencies, and for school-made transparencies by various means.

Suggestions for choosing or creating effective transparencies include simplicity, legibility, organization, and use of color.

The overhead projector will be most effective if room lighting is adjusted, the projector is kept law, the screen tilted, the lamp kept on only when needed, items are pointed to on the transparency rather than the screen, progressive disclosure, overlay techniques are used to focus attention, and if all students are actively involved.


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