The decade of the 1970's saw the creation of three educational support services which expanded the scope and the quality of the RSD educational program. The creation of the positions of Reading Resource Teacher, Curriculum Coordinator, and Library-Media Coordinator, was an outgrowth of existing services in the office of the principal and librarian. Each new service has attained its own unique identity by expanding and supplementing but not replacing existing services.

These three educational support services work cooperatively as well as with other school services in addressing the theme of the 1980 Symposium: "How to Use Better What You Already Have."

Better utilization is the product of a system which provides a total, optimal educational environment. Our ability to make our support services accessible, functional, dependable, and adaptive to our program needs is a function of communicating, organizing, facilitating, guiding, and structuring information and resources. The most unique feature of our program is how our cooperative, interactive efforts jointly provide a better educational environment. Whatever examples exist of exemplary media usage derive from our being able to provide our people the widest possible range of options and information for them to draw upon. Instructional materials and equipment are identified and acquired in concert with curriculum requirements and priorities; and in concert with the reading, language, and academic abilities of our students.


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