In attempting to tie the elements of deaf-blindness, education, and technology together, this paper will focus on the use of technology (both hardware and software) in the educational field as it pertains to deaf-blindness. It starts off with an observation of deaf-blindness, education, and technology before addressing the technology involved in the detection of the hearing and vision impairment which deaf-blindness characterizes, and then looks into the enhancement and substitution of both the hearing and vision impairments in different forms, and concludes with an observation of what lies in store for the future.

It is essential to bear in mind that the impairment of deafness and blindness is such that each individual having such a combination is unique in his or her regard. The variables involved in both impairments are quite extensive, and this paper will not attempt to characterize the specific impairments but will treat deaf-blindness as generically as appropriate.


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