Two rising movements within U.S. Christianity may symbolize religion's return in our time. Fascination with Eastern Orthodoxy, for example, especially among today's young and the restless, has prompted some scholars to wonder if the twenty-first will be the Orthodox century. Something is also afoot in the so-called Emerging Church, one of the most intriguing developments within recent Evangelicalism. Like Nikos Kazantzakis before them, such contemporary Christians promote chastened epistemology, storytelling's importance, post-systematic thinking, mystery as well as divine Otherness, an incarnational way of doing theology, and salvation as deification. Although Kazantzakis may not be viewed as a Christian, his life and literary art show him to be an ally in the struggle for religious truth in the world, and now, on the fiftieth anniversary of his death, and here, in the U.S., where his work has suffered hostile reception in the past, Orthodox and Emerging Church Christians are urged to read him carefully and charitably.


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