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Reviews What Should I Do Now? Problems and Adaptations of the Deafened Adult, Helen Sloss Luey, M. A. and Myra S. Per-Lee, M.Α., 27 pp., paperback, Gallaudet College, 7th and Florida Ave., NE, Washington, DC 20002, 1983. Much of the contents of What Should I Do Now? first appeared as Between Worlds: The Problems of Deafened Adults by Helen Sloss Luey and was published in Social Work in Health Care, Vol. 5, 3, Spring 1980, Haworth Press. Now, with a new title and an additional author, Myra S. Per-Lee, the work has been published by the National Academy of Gallaudet College. Designed to help people who become deaf as adults, the book takes a look at persons who have shared that experience with the authors. What Should I Do Now? is sharply focused. There are 1.5 million adults who have experienced a dramatic and complete loss of hearing. Deafened adults are different from prelingually deaf people and from hard of hearing people. Products of a hearing culture, they can no longer use hearing for communication, and they do not have the advantage of the unity of a deaf community . The book describes the crisis of hearing loss, examines the many emotional reactions, and offers constructive observations. The section on the process of adaptation focuses on communication skills and technical devices, along with hearing guide dogs, which are available for use. The authors stress that with all these facilities the deafened person needs more—to find another person with whom he or she can relate. What Should I Do Now? is a constructive, helpful book for deafened adults, a group often neglected in the more intense focus on prelingual deafness. Howard Stone Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. Bethesda, MD 20814 CHARLES C THOMAS . PUBLISHER New! EDUCATIONAL AUDIOLOGY FOR THE LIMITED-HEARING INFANT AND PRESCHOOLER (2nd Ed.) by Doreen Pollack. Readers will find practical suggestions in the newly revised edition of this text for teaching the young, audiologically impaired child. Chapters discuss the Acoupedic Approach to communicating; audiological assessment; hearing aids; development of the listening function, speech, and language; and parental involvement. Feb. '85, about $38.50 New! TINNITUS AND ITS MANAGEMENT : A Clinical Text for Audiologists edited by John Greer Clark and Paul Yanick, Jr. Audiologists and otolaryngologists have joined together to present this treatise on the nonmedical management of tinnitus. The origins of the disease, its underlying pathologies , nutritional considerations, patient evaluation , and various therapeutic approaches are discussed in depth. '84, $24.75 New! COMPREHENSIVE REFERENCE MANUAL FOR SIGNERS AND INTERPRETERS by Cheryl M. Hoffman. Designed for those already proficient in the skill, this dictionary of sign language provides them with an in-depth reference. The author uses an abbreviated, keyed code to allow for maximum breadth of coverage. Nearly six thousand entries, incorporating conversational , educational, formal, and slang vocabulary , are thus detailed; cross-references are included. '84, $19.75 SAY IT IN SIGN: A Workbook of Sign Language Exercises by Carol B. Carpenter and Sue F. V. Rakow. Controlled vocabulary exercises adaptable to a wide variety of settings for sign language instruction are provided in this workbook. The emphasis is on practice in language and on increasing receptive and expressive sign language skills rather than on sign formation or the various sign systems. Chapters are organized by subject matter; appendices offer signing techniques, games and activities, and recommended readings. '83, $21.75 We fill all orders promptly · Books sent on approval MasterCard, Visa & prepaid orders sent postpaid Catalog sent on request » Write or call (217) 789-8980 2600 SOUTH FIRST STREET SPRINGFIELD. ILLINOIS. 62717 446 A.A.D. I December 1984 ...


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