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reviews Legal Literacy for Rehabilitation Counselors, William P. McCrone , Ed. D., J.D., University of Buffalo, Buffalo, New York, 1987. The first thing ive do, let's kill all the lawyers. ΊΕ HenryVl, Benevolence is no defense. The rehabilitation counselor, a creature of legislation, is now "earning his right to serve" through our legal system. In these litigious times, an interest in working with people toward a resolution of their problems is not adequate criteria for engaging in a professional field. Superimposed over the technical expertise, political acumen and agency regulation and demands are the legal relationships and responsibilities counselors bear to clients, employers, agencies and the courts. Rehabilitation counselors are becoming routinely involved with some aspects of legal rights, administrative hearings or the courts. Since we are probably not yet prepared to follow the Bard's advice, it is imperative that counselors have a clear working understanding of the different roles they will be assuming in the legal arena. Legal Literacy for the Rehabilitation Counselor will alert the practitioner to potential legal involvement . To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Definitely a required text for anyone in the field. Can we look forward to periodic updates? John R. Dudderar, Jr., f.D. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor Westminster, Manjland The Signed English Schoolbook, Harry Bomstein and Karen L. Saulnier, 165 pp., $13.95 paperback, Kendall Green Publications , 800 Florida Avenue NE, Washington, DC 20002,1987. Designed to be a sequel to 777c Signed English Starter, The Signed English Schoolbook is a text which provides 700 Signed English vocabulary words pertinent to the academic setting. This reference book would be beneficial to teachers or family members who feel a manual model of English, complete with initialized signs and markers, to be advantageous in communication and language acquisition. The twelve chapters or categories, covering topics which range from academic terms to those describing emotions, health and sexuality, use easily understood black and white drawings accompanied by a written description of each sign. Practice sentences follow each chapter. Deanna Hoke Instructor Man/land School for the Deaf Columbia, Man/land 312 A.A.D. I December 1988 ...


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