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Hume Studies Volume XXV, Numbers 1 and 2, April/November 1999, pp. 273-281 The Hume Literature, 1998 WILLIAM EDWARD MORRIS This bibliography covers the Hume literature for 1998. I have appended supplements containing additions and corrections to "The Hume Literature, 1986-1993" (November 1994), "The Hume Literature, 1994" (November 1995), "The Hume Literature, 1995" (November 1996), "The Hume Literature, 1996" (November 1997), and "The Hume Literature, 1997" (November 1998). I am grateful to all those who have contributed additions or corrections to these bibliographies, and I again encourage readers of Hume Studies to supply additions, corrections, or bibliographical information still missing from any of these listings. For the Hume literature prior to 1986, the reader should consult Roland Hall's authoritative Fifty Years of Hume Scholarship: A Bibliographic Guide (Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 1978), which covers the period 1925 to 1976 and also lists significant earlier work on Hume. Hall's bibliographies in Hume Studies supplement that work. They appeared from 1978 to 1988 and cover the Hume literature for the years 1977 to 1985. My bibliographies depart from Hall's practice in that they do not list items published in Hume Studies. Articles and reviews from 1975 through 1993 (Volumes I-XIX) were comprehensively indexed in the November 1993 issue. Sul> sequent November issues include an index for that year's volume. The next bibliography, which will cover the Hume literature for 1999, will appear in the November 2000 issue of Hume Studies. Readers are invited to send me notices or offprints of their articles, reviews, editions, anthologies, and Send information to: e-mail: FAX: 513-556-2939, or MAIL: William E. Morris, Department of Philosophy, Mail Location #0374, 206 McMicken Hall, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221-0374, USA. 274 William E. Morris dissertations for inclusion in the next bibliography. Please email, fax, or write to the addresses at the bottom of the preceding page. The following abbreviations of journal titles are used here: APQ American Philosophical Quarterly AJP Australasian Journal of Philosophy BJHP British Journal for the History of Philosophy BJPS British Journal for the Philosophy of Science CJP Canadian Journal of Philosophy HPQ History of Philosophy Quarterly JAAC Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism JHI Journal of the History of Ideas JHP Journal of the History of Philosophy JP Journal of Philosophy PAS Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society PB Philosophical Books PPQ Pacific Philosophical Quarterly PQ Philosophical Quarterly PR Philosophical Review PPR Philosophy and Phenomenological Research PS Philosophical Studies RIP Revue Internationale de Philosophie RM Review of Metaphysics RS Religious Studies SJP Southern Journal of Philosophy Addis, Laird. "Human Action and the Humean Universe." Philosophia 26.1 (1998): 23-40. Allan, James. A Sceptical Theory of Morality and Law. New York: Peter Lang, 1998. Anderson, Abraham B. "On the Practical Foundation of Kant's Response to Epistemic Skepticism." Kant-Studien 89 (1998): 145-166. Arp, Robert. "Hume's Mitigated Skepticism and the Design Argument." American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 72 (1998): 539-558. Batitsky, Vadim. "From Inexactness to Certainty: The Change in Hume's Conception of Geometry." Journal for General Philosophy of Science 49 (1998): 49-65. Bitzer, Lloyd F. "The 'Indian Prince' in Miracle Arguments of Hume and his Predecessors and Early Critics." Philosophy and Rhetoric 31.2 (1998): 175-230. Bonk, Sigmund. "Induktion und Aussenwelt: David Hume's Skeptisch-Naturalistische Epistemologie." Philosophia Naturalis 35 (1998): 281-308. Bransen, Jan. "True to Ourselves." International Journal of Philosophical Studies 6 (1998): 67-85. Hume Studies The Hume Literature, 1998 275 Calvo de Saavedra, Angela. "Conversación y reciprocidad: El otro imaginado." Universitas Philosophica 15 (1998): 97-113. Carroll, John W "Humean Belief Justified." PQ 48 (1998): 373-378. Cassam, Quassim. "Introspection and Bodily Self-Ascription." In The Body and the Self, edited by Jose Luis. Cambridge: MIT Press, 1998. Charles, Sebastien. "Andre Comte-Sponville ou l'art de l'entre-deux." Horizons Philosophiques 8 (1998): 1-40. Cooke, Elizabeth F. "Normativity in Hume's Theory of Meaning." Kinesis 25 (1998): 36-59. Corbi, Josep E. "Subjetividad y valor en un mundo natural." Teorema Yl (1998): 25-44. Cunningham, Andrew S. "Was Eighteenth Century Sentimentalism Unprecedented ?" BJHP 6 (1998): 381-396. Di Giovanni...


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