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Countdown to 150 With this issue, the American Annals of the Deaf begins its 150th year of publication. This makes the Annals the oldest scholarly journal in North America and the oldest journal on deafness in the world. The Annals' 150th anniversary celebration will be hosted by the American School for the Deaf (ASD) in Hartford, Connecticut as part of the 1997 convention of the Conference of Educational Administrators Serving the Deaf (CEASD) and the Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf (CAID). The theme of the convention, which will run from June 29th through July 2nd, will be "Pages from the Past — Chapters for the Future ." That the CEASD/CAID convention and the Annals' 150th anniversary celebration will occur at the same time at ASD in Hartford is especially appropriate because the Annals was established at ASD in 1847. On a personal level, it is gratifying because Hartford is my home town and I was a teacher at ASD — though not when the Annals was started! Of particular relevance for the Annals is the fact that one of the convention's keynote speakers will focus on the history and role of the journal. A major undertaking in our anniversary year will be the publication of a 150th anniversary issue of the Annals, which will replace the regular July, 1997 issue. The anniversary issue will consist of 15 articles with commentaries, one from each decade in the history of the Annals. A closing section will address the future. The anniversary issue will be sent to all full subscribers to the Annals prior to the June convention at no extra cost. I welcome any suggestions about which "classic" articles reflecting historical thought on deafness should be included. Possibilities range from Edward Minor Gallaudet and Alexander Graham Bell to Alfred Binet. Although celebration of the past can be gratifying, our major responsibility is to serve as a resource for the present and to contribute to our field for generations to come. A major part of our present activity concerns the continued excellence and relevance of the Annals as we keep abreast of rapid technological developments applicable to the field of deafness. Technology now makes instant electronic communication available on a world-wide basis and has helped the Annals evolve into a truly international journal in recent years. Also, through the efforts of our managing editor, Pamala Micheaux, the Annals is now on the World Wide Web at http://WWW.GALLAUDET.EDU/~OSSWEB/ ANNALS/. Now is an appropriate time to ask for feedback from our readers as we plan for the future. As we enter our 150th year of publication your suggestions for the continued growth of the Annals will be greatly appreciated. Donald F. Moores Editor Volume 141, No. 3 American Annals of the Deaf ...


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