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Letter to the Editor O... Canada! To the Editor: I am writing in regard to the article, "Removing Barriers and Building Bridges: American Deaf Interns Teaching Chinese Deaf Children" by Martin, Hussey, Sicoli, and Sheng, in the most recent issue of the AAD (V. 144, #3). Both Ms. Hussey and Ms. Sicoli are Canadians, having been born and raised in British Columbia and Ontario, respectively. The last time I checked, these provinces have not yet seceded from Canada to become part of the United States. The title could have been more properly..."Removing Barriers and Building Bridges: Gallaudet Interns Teaching Chinese Deaf Children." I'll grant that both persons were students attending an American university, but I didn't realize this automatically bestowed U.S. citizenship upon them. Sincerely, Roger J. Carver, M.Ed. Director, Programs & Services, Deaf Children's Society of B.C. David Martin replies: You have a very good point—we certainly had thought that using the term "American" encompassed the continent, but of course, that can be read also as "USA only." Your suggested title would have resolved any misunderstanding . Although Ms. Hussey and Ms. Sicoli were at the time students at an American university (Gallaudet), they were both born and raised in Canada. Thanks for taking the time to write to us about this point. Best wishes to you, David Martin, Ph.D. Professor, Department of Education, Gallaudet University Volume 144, No. 1, 1999 American Annals of the Deaf ...


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