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Hume Studies Volume 31, Number 2, November 2006, pp. 389-390 INDEX TO VOLUME 32 ARTICLES Baier, Annette C. "How Wide is Hume's Circle?" 32.1:113-117. Baier, Annette C. "Hume's Deathbed Reading: A Tale of Three Letters." 32.2: 347-356. Besser-Jones, Lorraine. "The Role of Justice in Hume's Theory of Psychological Development." 32.2: 253-276. De Pierris, Graciela. "Hume and Locke on Scientific Methodology: The Newtonian Legacy." 32.2: 277-329. Ellis, Jonathan. "The Contents of Hume's Appendix and the Source of His Despair. " 32.2:195-231. Foley, Rich. "Unnatural Religion: Indoctrination and Philo's Reversal in Hume's Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion." 32.1: 83-112. Gardner, Catherine Villanueva. "Chastity and the Practice of the World in Hume's Treatise." 32.2: 331-345. George, Rolf. "James Jurin Awakens Hume from his Dogmatic Slumber. With a Short Tract on Visual Acuity." 32.1:141-166. Landy, David. "Hume's Impression-Idea Distinction." 32.1:119-139. Norton, David Fate, and Dario Perinetti. "The Bibliothèque raisonnée Review of Volume 3 of the Treatise: Authorship, Text, and Translation." 32.1: 3-52. Ott, Walter. "Hume on Meaning." 32.2: 233-252. Reid, Jasper. "The Metaphysics of Jonathan Edwards and David Hume." 32.1: 53-82. Susato, Ryu. "Hume's Nuanced Defense of Luxury." 32.1:167-186. BOOKS REVIEWED Gill, Michael. The British Moralists on Human Nature and the Birth of Secular Ethics. James A. Harris. 32 (2): 362-365. Harris, James A. Of Liberty and Necessity: The Free Will Debate in Eighteenth-Century British Philosophy. A. E. Pitson. 32 (1): 187-191. 390 Mawson, T. J. Belief in God: an Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion. Andrew S. Mason. 32 (2): 357-361. Meyers, Robert G. Understanding Empiricism. Anita Avramides. 32 (2): 366-369. Hume Studies ...


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