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Hume Studies Volume 33, Number 2, November 2007, pp. 383-384 INDEX TO VOLUME 33 ARTICLES Bricke, John. "The Clarendon Edition of Hume's Treatise: Book 1." 33.2: 297304 . Dicker, Georges. "Three Questions about Treatise 1.4.2." 33.1:115-153. Fosl, Peter S. "On the 2007 Clarendon Critical Edition of David Hume's A Treatise of Human Nature." 33.2:289-206. Gamboa, Steven. "Hume on Resemblance, Relevance, and Representation." 33.1: 21-40. Garrett, Don. "The First Motive to Justice: Hume's Circle Argument Squared." 33.2: 257-288. Heydt, Colin. "Relations of Literary Form and Philosophical Purpose in Hume's Four Essays on Happiness." 33.1: 3-19. Norton, David Fate, and Mary J. Norton. "A Response to Our Colleagues." 33.2: 313-334. Rocknak, Stefanie. "The Vulgar Conception of Objects in 'Of Skepticism with regard to the Senses'." 33.1:67-90. Schnall, Ira M. "Hume on 'Popular' and 'Philosophical' Skeptical Arguments." 33.1:41-66. Susato, Ryu. "The Idea of Chivalry in the Scottish Enlightenment: The Case of David Hume." 33.1:155-178. Swanton, Christine. "Can Hume Be Read as a Virtue Ethicist?" 33.1: 91-113. Taylor jacqueline. "Hume and the Nortons on the Passions and Morality in Hume's Treatise." 33.2: 305-312. Zimmerman, Aaron. "Hume's Reasons." 33.2: 211-256. BOOKS REVIEWED Baxter, Donald M. Hume's Difficulty: Time and Identity in the Treatise. Dale Jacquette. 33.2: 352-357. 384 Botros, Sophie. Hume, Reason and Morality. A Legacy of Contradiction. Alessio Vaccari . 33.1:193-195. Coventry, Angela. Hume's Theory ofCausation: A Quasi-Realist Interpretation. P. J. E. Kail. 33.1:190-192. Fieser, James, ed. Early Responses to Hume, Vols. 1 and 2: Early Responses to Hume's Moral, Literary, and Political Writings. Charlotte Brown. 33.1:196-208. Finlay, Christopher J. Hume's Social Philosophy: Human Nature and Commercial Sociability in A Treatise of Human Nature. Scott Yenor. 33.2: 345-347. Groulez, Marianne. Le scepticisme de Hume: les Dialogues sur la religion naturelle. Eleonore Le Jallé. 33.1:179-182. Hardin, Russell. David Hume, Moral and Political Theorist. Neil McArthur. 33.2: 358-360. Mazza, Emilio and Emanuele Ronchetti, eds. New Essays on David Hume. Angela Michelle Coventry. 33.2: 348-351. McArthur, Neil. David Hume's Political Theory: Law, Commerce, and the Constitution of Government. James A. Harris. 33.2: 335-338. Montes, Leónidas and Eric Schliesser, eds. New Voices on Adam Smith. Mark R. M. Towsey. 33.1:183-185. Nichols, Ryan. Thomas Reid's Theory of Perception. Catherine Kemp. 33.2: 339344 . Waxman, Wayne. Kant and the Empiricists: UnderstandingUnderstanding. Falk Wunderlich . 33.1:186-189. Hume Studies ...


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