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Hume Studies Volume 33, Number 2, November 2007, pp. 361-382 The Hume Literature, 2006 and 2007 JAMES FIESER This bibliography covers the Hume literature for both 2006 and 2007, and follows upon the annual update begun by Rolland Hall for the year 1977 and continued by William Edward Morris for 1986 through 2003. This instalment, like previous ones, excludes items published in Hume Studies, which are indexed annually in each November issue. Readers of Hume Studies may contact me at with additions or corrections to any previous year, which can be noted in future instalments. I am grateful to all who have provided input on an earlier draft of this bibliography that was posted on the Internet. Aside from the yearly bibliographies published in Hume Studies, readers may find the following bibliographical resources useful: "An Index of Hume Studies: 1975-1993." Hume Studies 19.2 (1993). Fieser, James. A Bibliography of Hume's Writings and Early Responses, staff/jfieser/vita/research/hume-web-bibiog-2e.pdf (2005). Hall, Rolland. Fifty Years of Hume Scholarship: A Bibliographic Guide. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1978. (From 1925 through 1976.) Jessop, Thomas Edmund. A Bibliography of David Hume and of Scottish Philosophy from Francis Hutcheson to Lord Balfour. London: A. Brown & Sons, 1938. Jones, Peter, ed. The Reception of David Hume in Europe. London, New York: Thoemmes Continuum, 2005. Tweyman, Stanley. Secondary Sources on the Philosophy of David Hume: A DavidHume Bibliography in Two Volumes, 1741-2005. Ann Arbor: Caravan Books, 2006. 362 James Fieser Books and Articles, 2006 Abramson, Kate. "Happy to Unite, or Not?" Philosophy Compass 1.3 (2006): 290-302. Alanen, Lilli. "The Powers and Mechanisms of the Passions." In The Blackwell Guide to Hume's Treatise; see Traiger 2006. Amorós, Celia. "Feminismo e Ilustración." Isegoria: Revista de FilosofÃ-a Moral y PolÃ-tica 34 (2006): 129-66. Aranda Fraga, Fernando. "Costumbre y consenso en la teorÃ-a liberal de la justicia de David Hume." Convivium: Revista de Filosofia 19 (2006): 3-22. Arroyo, Christopher. "Humean and Kantian Influences on Husserl's Later Ethics." Philosophy Today 50 (suppl.) (2006): 57-74. Attanasio, Alessandra. "Hume, la scienza e l'esistenza di dio." In David Hume, Dialoghi sulla religione naturale, edited by Alessandra Attanasio. Torino: Einaudi, 2006. Bailey, Alan, and Daniel O'Brien. Hume's Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding: Reader's Guide. New York: Continuum, 2006. Baxter, Donald L. M. "Identity, Continued Existence, and the External World." In The Blackwell Guide to Hume's Treatise; see Traiger 2006. Berry, Christopher J. "Hume and the Customary Causes of Industry, Knowledge, and Humanity." History of Political Economy 38.2 (2006): 291-317. Bertini, Daniele. "Hume e l'immaterialismo." Aquinas: Rivista Internazionale di Filosofia 49.2-3 (2006): 621-35. Blackburn, Simon. "Must We Weep for Sentimentalism?" In Contemporary Debates in Moral Theory, edited by James Dreier. Maiden, MA: Blackwell Publishing, 2006. Botros, Sophie. Hume, Reason and Morality: A Legacy of Contradiction. New York: Routledge, 2006. Broisson, Ivan. "Ressentiment und 'Wille zur Macht': Nietzsche und Hume über Moral—und Religionskritik. " In Friedrich Nietzsche: Zwischen Musik, Philosophie und Ressentiment, edited by Volker Gerhardt. Berlin: Akademie Verlag, 2006. Brose, Thomas. Johann Georg Hamann und David Hume: Metaphysikkritik und Glaube im Spannungsfeld der Aufklärung. Frankfurt am Main, New York: Peter Lang, 2006. Broughton, Janet. "Impressions and Ideas." In TheBlackwell Guide to Hume's Treatise; see Traiger 2006. Cabrera, Miguel A BadÃ-a. "Sancho Panza y la objetividad del juicio moral en Hume." Dialogos: Revista del Departmento de Filosofia Universidad de Puerto Rico 41.87 (2006): 59-97. Hume Studies The Hume Literature 363 Calvo de Saavedra, Angela. "Comercio y cosmopolitismo en la filosofÃ-a polÃ-tica de David Hume." Universitas Philosophica 47 (2006): 59-82. Cameron, Ross. "Tropes, Necessary Connections, and Non-Transferability. " Dialéctica 60.2 (2006): 99-113. Castiglione, Dario. "Hume's Two Views of Modern Scepticism." History of European Ideas 32.1 (2006): 1-27. Castignone, S. "L'etica della cura e l'etica della simpatÃ-a." Materialiper una storia della cultura giuridica 36.1 (2006): 199-207. Cevik, Mustafa. David Hume ve Din Felsefesi. Dergah Yayinlari: Istanbul, 2006. Cohon, Rachel. "Hume on Promises and the Peculiar...


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