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Hume Studies Volume 29, Number 2, November 2003 Index to Volume 29 ARTICLES Box, M. A., David Harvey, and Michael Silverthorne. A Diplomatic Transcription of Hume's "volunteer pamphlet" for Archibald Stewart: Political Whigs, Religious Whigs, and Jacobites. 29 (2): 223-266. Boyle, Deborah. Hume on Animal Reason. 29 (1): 3-28. Harvey, David. See Box, M. A. Inoue, Haruko. The Origin of the Indirect Passions in the Treatise: An Analogy between Books 1 and 2. 29 (2): 205-221. Kail, Peter. Conceivability and Modality in Hume: A Lemma in an Argument in Defense of Skeptical Realism. 29 (1): 43-61. Kirby, Brian. Hume, Sympathy, and the Theater. 29 (2): 305-325. Kraay, Klaas. Philo's Argument for Divine Amorality Reconsidered. 29 (2): 283-304. O'Connor, David. Skepticism and Philo's Atheistic Preference. 29 (2): 267-282. Ridge. Michael. Epistemology Moralized: David Hume's Practical Epistemology . 29 (2): 165-204. Ryan, Todd. Hume's Argument for the Temporal Priority of Causes. 29 (1): 29-41. Schliesser, Eric. "The Obituary of a Vain Philosopher": Adam Smith's Reflections on Hume's Life. 29 (2): 327-362. Silverthorne, Michael. See Box. M. A. Spencer, Mark G. Another "Curious Legend" about Hume's An Abstract of a Treatise of Human Nature. 29 (1): 89-98. Thielke, Peter. Hume, Kant, and the Sea of Illusion. 29 (1): 63-88. Williford, Kenneth. Demea's a priori Theistic Proof. 29 (1): 99-123. 402 Index to Volume 28 Wright, John P. Dr. George Cheyne, Chevalier Ramsay, and Hume's Letter to a Physician. 29 (1): 125-41. BOOKS REVIEWED Barresi, John. See Martin, Raymond. Howson, Colin. Hume's Problem: Induction and the Justification of Belief. Kenneth Merrill. 29 (1): 155-62. Hume, David. An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding: A Critical Edition, edited by Tom L. Beauchamp. Fred Wilson. 29 (1): 143-9. Hume, David. An Enquiry concerning Human Understanding (Oxford Philosophical Texts), edited by Tom L. Beauchamp. Fred Wilson. 29 (1): 143-9. Martin, Raymond and John Barresi. Naturalization of the Soul: Sei fand Personal Identity in the Eighteenth Century. Jane McIntyre. 29 (2): 363-373. Reid, Thomas. Essays on the Intellectual Powers of Man, edited by Derek Brookes. A. E. Pitson. 29 (2): 375-377. Stanistreet, Paul. Hume's Scepticism and the Science of Human Nature. William DeAngelis. 29 (1): 150-4. Wood, Paul, ed. The Correspondence of Thomas Reid. Gordon Graham. 29 (2): 378-380. BIBLIOGRAPHY Morris, William Edward. The Hume Literature, 2002. 29 (2): 381-400. Hume Studies ...


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