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Hume Studies Volume 30, Number 2, November 2004, pp. 441-442 Index to Volume 30 ARTICLES Costelloe, Timothy M. Hume's Aesthetics: The Literature and Directions for Research . 30 (1): 87-126. Cunningham, Andrew S. The Strength of Hume's "Weak" Sympathy. 30 (2): 237-56. Dadlez, E. M. Pleased and Afflicted: Hume on the Paradox of Tragic Pleasure. 30 (2): 213-36. Gill, Michael B. Rationalism, Sentimentalism, and Ralph Cudworth. 30 (1): 149-81. Guimaräes, Livia. The Gallant and the Philosopher. 30 (1): 127-47. Kelly, Erin I. Stability and Partiality in Hume's Moral Philosophy: A Response to Louis Loeb. 30 (2): 329-38. Loeb, Louis E. Stability and Justification in Hume's Treatise, Another Look—A Response to Erin Kelly, Frederick Schmitt, and Michael Williams. 30 (2): 339-404. Pears, David. Hume's Recantation of His Theory of Personal Identity. 30 (2): 257-64. Schmicking, Daniel A. Hume's Theory of Simple Perceptions Reconsidered. 30 (1):3-31. Schmitt, Frederick F. Loeb on Stability and Justification in Hume's Treatise. 30 (2): 297-327. Schnall, Ira M. Coherence, Constancy, and Causality. 30 (1): 33-50. Weiler, Cass. Scratched Fingers, Ruined Lines, and Acknowledged Lesser Goods. 30(1): 51-85. Williams, Michael. The Unity of Hume's Philosophical Project. 30 (2): 265-96. BOOKS REVIEWED Broadie, Alexander, ed. The Cambridge Companion to the Scottish Enlightenment. Peter Jones. 30 (2): 416-18. 442 Hume, David. A Treatise of Human Nature, edited byjohn P. Wright, Robert Stecker, and Gary Fuller. James A. Harris. 30 (1): 188-90. Hutcheson, Francis. An Essay on the Nature and Conduct of the Passions and Affections , with Illustrations on the Moral Sense, edited by Aaron Garrett. Mark H. Waymack. 30 (1): 208-9. Liu, Xiusheng. Mencius, Hume and the Foundations of Ethics. Eric L. Hutton. 30 (1): 201-3. Millican, Peter, ed. Reading Hume on Human Understanding. Lome Falkenstein. 30 (1): 183-87. Otteson, James R. Adam Smith's Marketplace of Life. Stefan H. Kalt. 30 (2): 419-22. Parker, Fred. Scepticism and Literature: An Essay on Pope, Hume, Sterne, and Johnson. M. A. Box. 30 (1): 204-7. Pitson, A. E. Hume's Philosophy of the Self. Susan M. Purviance. 30 (1): 191-7. Pompa, Leon. Human Nature and Historical Knowledge: Hume, Hegel, and Vico. Spencer K. Wertz. 30 (2): 412-15. Rivers, Isabel. Reason, Grace, and Sentiment: A Study of the Language of Religion and Ethics in England 1660-1780, Volume II: Shaftesbury to Hume. Susan MartinelliFernandez . 30 (2): 423-6. Schmidt, Claudia M. David Hume: Reason in History. Timothy M. Costelloe. 30 (2): 405-7. Spencer, Mark G., ed. Hume's Reception in Early America. David Fate Norton. 30 (2): 408-11. Wertz, Spencer K. Between Hume's Philosophy and History: Historical Theory and Practice. Mark G. Spencer. 30 (1): 198-200. BIBLIOGRAPHY Morris, William Edward. The Hume Literature, 2003. 30 (2): 427-39. Hume Studies ...


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