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Hume Studies Volume XXIII, Number 2, November 1997, pp. 357-358 Index to Volume XXIII ARTICLES Cohon, Rachel. Hume's Difficulty with the Virtue of Honesty. 23 (1): 91-112. Darwall, Stephen. Hutcheson on Practical Reason. 23 (1): 73-89. Emerson, Roger L. Hume and the Bellman, Zerobabel MacGilchrist. 23 (1): 9-28. Falkenstein, Lome. Naturalism, Normativity, and Scepticism in Hume's Account of Belief. 23 (1): 29-72. Gallie, Roger. Reid: Conception, Representation and Innate Ideas. 23 (2): 315-336. Holthoon, Frederic L. van. Hume and the 1763 Edition of His History of England: His Frame of Mind as a Revisionist. 23 (1): 133-152. Laursen, John Christian and Richard H. Popkin. Hume in the Prussian Academy: Jean Bernard Mérian's "On the Phenomenalism of David Hume." Translated by David Briscoe. 23 (1): 153-191. Levey, Ann. Under Constraint: Chastity and Modesty in Hume. 23 (2): 213-226. Morris, William Edward. The Hume Literature, 1996. 23(2): 345-355. Pressman, H. Mark. Hume on Geometry and Infinite Divisibility in the Treatise. 23 (2): 227-244. 358 Index to Volume XXIII Purviance, Susan M. The Moral Self and the Indirect Passions. 23 (2): 195-212. Russell, Paul. Wishart, Baxter and Hume's Letter from a Gentleman. 23 (2): 245-276. Sapadin, Eugene. A Note on Newton, Boyle, and Hume's "Experimental Method." 23 (2): 337-344. Stewart, M. A. Hume's "Bellman's Petition": The Original Text. 23 (1): 3-7. Wood, Paul. "The Fittest Man in the Kingdom": Thomas Reid and the Glasgow Chair of Moral Philosophy. 23 (2): 277-313. Hume Studies ...


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