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  • Index for Volume 33

Author Index to Volume 33

Indexed by issue number and page

  • Bahr, Peter Riley, 2:177

  • Bowman, Nicholas A., 4:543

  • Christakis, Michael N., 1:95

  • Cox, Bradley E., 3:391

  • Deil-Amen, Regina, 2:141

  • Denson, Nida, 4:437

  • DesJardins, Stephen L., 4:513

  • Flora, Bethany H. 4:569

  • Flores, Stella M., 2:239

  • Hirt, Joan B., 4:569

  • Jayakumar, Uma M., 4:437

  • Kortesoja, Sandra L., 1:37

  • Li, Dai, 2:207

  • Lutovsky Quaye, Brenda R., 3:391

  • Mayhew, Matthew J., 3:357

  • McCall, Brian P., 4:513

  • Museus, Samuel, 1:67

  • Nelson Laird, Thomas F., 3:333

  • Niskodé-Dossett, Amanda Suniti, 3:333

  • Quaye, Stephen John, 1:67

  • Pascarella, Ernest T., 3:357

  • Reason, Robert D., 3:391

  • Seifert, Tricia A., 3:357

  • Shahjahan, Riyad Ahmed, 4:473

  • Strayhorn, Terrell L., 3:307

  • Tevis, Tenisha LaShawn, 2:141

  • Terenzini, Patrick T., 3:391

  • Vogelgesang, Lori J., 4:437

  • Winkle-Wagner, Rachelle, 1:1

Title Index to Volume 29

“Circumscribed Agency: The Relevance of Standardized College Entrance Exams for Low SES High School Students,” 2:141

“Disequilibrium and Resolution: The Nonlinear Effects of Diversity Courses on Well-Being and Orientations toward Diversity,” 4:543

“Educational Consortia in a Knowledge Economy: Collaboration, Competition, and Organizational Equilibrium,” 4:569

“Faculty and Institutional Factors that Promote Student Encounters with Difference in First-Year Courses,” 3:391

“Gubernatorial Authority and Influence on Public Higher Education,” 1:95

“How Gender and Race Moderate the Effect of Interactions across Difference on Student Perceptions of the Campus Environment,” 3:333

“A Multi-Institutional Assessment of Moral Reasoning Development among First-Year Students,” 3:357

“The Perpetual Homelessness of College Experiences: Tensions between Home and Campus for African American Women,” 1:1 [End Page 613]

“Postsecondary Choices of Nontraditional-Age Students: Non-credit Courses or a Credential Program?,” 1:37

“Revisiting the Efficacy of Postsecondary Remediation: The Moderating Effects of Depth/Breadth of Deficiency,” 2:177

“The Role of Spirituality among Faculty of Color Teaching for Social Justice,” 4:473

“Simulating the Effects of Financial Aid Packages on College Student Stopout, Reenrollment Spells, and Graduation Chances,” 4:513

“State Dream Acts: The Effect of In-State Resident Tuition Policies and Undocumented Latino Students,” 2:239

“They Need Help: Transfer Students from Four-Year to Four-Year Institutions,” 2:207

“Toward an Intercultural Perspective of Racial and Ethnic Minority College Student Persistence,” 1:67

“What Determines Faculty-Engaged Scholarship?” 4:437

“When Race and Gender Collide: Social and Cultural Capital’s Influence on the Academic Achievement of African American and Latino Males,” 3:307

Book Review Index in Volume 33

Indexed by surname of first author

Elizabeth J. Allan, Policy Discourses, Gender, and Education: Constructing Women’s Status (Sandra W. Gahn), 4:596

A. J. Angulo, William Barton Rogers and the Idea of MIT (Jamie Pietruska), 3:426

Trudy W. Banta, Elizabeth A. Jones, and Karen E. Black, Designing Effective Assessment: Principles and Profiles of Good Practice (Megan Moore Gardner), 4:598

Derek Barker and David Brown (Eds)., A Different Kind of Politics: Readings on the Role of Higher Education in Democracy (Jane Fried), 3:415

Roberta Malee Bassett and Alma Maldonado-Maldonado (Eds.), International Organizations and Higher Education Policy: Thinking Globally, Acting Locally? (Roger B. Ludeman), 4:604

Alex Beam, A Great Idea at the Time: The Rise, Fall, and Curious Afterlife of the Great Books (Patrick Dilley), 1:121

W. H. Bergquist and K. Pawlak, Engaging the Six Cultures of the Academy (Kathleen Manning), 1:130

Derek Bruff, Teaching with Classroom Response Systems: Creating Active Learning Environments (Jann E. Freed), 2:288

Edna Chun and Alvin Evans, Bridging the Diversity Divide: Globalization and Reciprocal Empowerment in Higher Education (Joy Gaston Gayles), 4:601

Burton R. Clark and Adele Clark, On Higher Education: Selected Writings, 1956–2006 (Caroline Sotello Viernes Turner), 3:432

Matthew L. M. Fletcher, American Indian Education: Counternarratives in Racism, Struggle, and the Law (Stephanie J. Waterman), 3:435 [End Page 614]

Blake Gumprecht, The American College Town (J. Douglas Toma), 1:136

Shaun R. Harper and Stephen John Quaye (Eds.), Student Engagement in Higher Education: Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Approaches for Diverse Populations (Kimberly A. Griffin and Robert...


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