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Hume Studies Volume XX, Number 2, November 1994, pp. 299-326 The Hume Literature, 1986-1993 WILLIAM E. MORRIS With this issue, Hume Studies revives its past practice of including a bibliography of the Hume literature in the November issue. Roland Hall ably compiled the previous bibliographies; would that we had been able to convince him to pick up where he left off! Hall's yeoman work also produced the indispensable Fifty Years of Hume Scholarship: A Bibliographic Guide (Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 1978), which covers the Hume literature from 1925 to 1976, and also lists the main earlier writings on Hume. Hall's Hume Studies bibliographies appeared from 1978 to 1988 and cover the years 19771985 . For these aids, every Hume scholar is in Hall's debt. This bibliography departs from Hall's practice in that it does not list items from Hume Studies. Articles and reviews from volumes I-XIX were indexed comprehensively in the November 1993 issue. Beginning with this issue, each year the November issue will include an index for that volume. This bibliography covers the Hume literature from 1986 through 1993; it also includes a few items from 1985 that did not appear until 1986 and so were unavailable for Hall's canvass. While electronic sources such as on-line catalogs and CD-ROM disks make compilation somewhat less arduous today, their present versions reflect numerous sins of omission and commission. Though every effort was made to avoid replicating these errors in this compilation , I follow Hall's lead in inviting readers to inform me of my own bibliographic sins. Also, as he did, I ask that authors send notices or offprints of their articles and reviews to ensure inclusion in the annual listings. The Send information to: e-mail FAX: 513-861-1191, or MAIL: William E. Morris, Philosophy Department, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati OH 45221-0374 300 William E. Morris November 1995 issue of Hume Studies will contain a bibliography of the Hume literature for 1994, as well as additions and corrections to this bibliography. Please write, FAX, or e-mail to the addresses on the preceding page. The following abbreviations of journal titles are used here: APQ American Philosophical Quarterly AJP Australasian Journal of Philosophy BJPS British Journal for the Philosophy of Science CJP Canadian Journal of Philosophy HPQ History of Philosophy Quarterly JAAC Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism JHI Journal of the History of Ideas JHP Journal of the History of Philosophy JP Journal of Philosophy PAS Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society PB Philosophical Books PPQ Pacific Philosophical Quarterly PQ Philosophical Quarterly PR Philosophical Review PPR Philosophy and Phenomenological Research PS Philosophical Studies RIP Revue Internationale de Philosophie RM Review of Metaphysics RS Religious Studies SJP Southern Journal of Philosophy Adams, Jon-K. "Causality and Narrative." Journal of Literary Semantics 18 (1989): 149-162. Altekar, Eknath V. "A Critique of Hume's Theory of Moral Epistemology." Indian Philosophical Quarterly, 20 (1993 Supp): 7-18. Anscombe, G.E.M. "Times, Beginnings, and Causes." In Rationalism, Empiricism , and Idealism: British Academy Lectures on the History of Philosophy, edited by Anthony Kenny. Oxford: Clarendon, 1986. Õ rdál, Pall S. Passion and Value in Hume's Treatise. 2nd ed. Edinburgh University Press, 1989. ------. "Language and Significance in Hume's Treatise." CJP 16 (1986): 779783 . Armstrong, Benjamin F. "Hume on Miracles: Begging Questions against Believers." HPQ_9 (1992): 319-328. Armstrong, D.M. A Combinatorial Theory of Possibility. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1989. Backhaus, Wilfried K. "Advantageous Falsehood: The Person Moved by Faith Strikes Back." Philosophy and Theology, 7 (1993): 289-310. ------. "Hume and the Politics of Reason." Dialogue: Canadian Philosophical Review 31 (1992): 65-69. Hume Studies The Hume Literature, 1986-1993 301 -----. "Is Hume a Neutral Monist?" Southwest Philosophy Review 7 (July 1991): 1-15. Baier, Annette C. "Hume: The Reflective Women's Epistemologist?" ïn A Mind of One's Own: Feminist Essays on Reason and Objectivity, edited by Louise M. Antony and Charlotte Witt. Boulder: Westview, 1993. -----. "David Hume." in Encyclopedia of Ethics, see Becker, 1992. -----. A Progress of Sentiments: Reflections on Hume's Treatise. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1991. -----. "Maclntyre on Hume." PPR 51 (1991): 159...


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