This paper utilizes a presentation by Ilany Kogan of her analysis of a "replacement child" of a Holocaust survivor where the mother was described as behaving with destructive rage toward her daughter. Both the lengthy account of the treatment and the discussion by three prominent psychoanalysts were originally published in The Psychoanalytic Quarterly. The central thrust of the discussions by Charles Brenner, Antonio Ferro, and James Herzog is essentially conservative and classical in their emphasis on the underlying drives and defenses against them as the core of what should have been analyzed. Kogan's attempt to protect her patient from retraumatization, while representing an advance in technique, falls short of elucidating the therapeutic action of her analytic work. This would have been more effectively achieved had she looked to Kohut's views regarding traumatized patients' need for a selfobject in the analyst as well as the self psychological mirror and twinship transferences.


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