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American Speech 77.4 (2002) 432-440

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Among the New Words

Wayne Glowka, Jennifer Chambers-Claxton, and Danielle C. Wyckoff
Georgia College & State University

As we put this installment to bed, we note that an early August cold front sliced through the Georgia pines last night and brought our predicted daytime high all the way down to a nearly comfortable 90°F. A tropical storm is reforming in the Gulf of Mexico, and another one is swirling off the coast of Florida. The stock market is struggling to regain some recent scary losses, troops are still fighting in Afghanistan, there is movement toward renewed conflict with Iraq, and television spots for primary races are featuring politicians in church singing with their families. We are ready for the fall and the winter that will bring these new words to your mailbox.

This installment contains a variety of words culled by graduate student Jennifer Chambers-Claxton from among the recent contributions of Adele Algeo, John Algeo, George Cole, Megan Melançon, Mike Nifong, and Frank Nuessel. We hope that you will enjoy them. We welcome Danielle Wyckoff as our new graduate assistant, who is fully funded by Georgia College & State University. We thank the Graduate Council and now-retired Dean Ken Jones for this new support.

bust card n Wallet-sized card with legal information to be consulted in case of an arrest by law enforcement 1997 Apr 30 Baltimore (Md) Daily Record 13 (head & text; Lexis-Nexis) ACLU Creates Wallet-Size "Bust Cards" to Inform Public of Rights Against Police Stops / Five years after the civil unrest in Los Angeles caused by the acquittal of white police officers who beat African-American motorist Rodney King, the American Civil Liberties Union has created wallet-size "bust cards" to teach motorists their legal rights when confronted by a police stop. 2001 May 15 Geoffrey Bindman Guardian (London) 22 (Lexis-Nexis) The Daily Mail recently responded to the May Day protest by devoting a front page and two inside pages to attacking "legal vultures"—lawyers who offered advice to the demonstrators. It seems that one of the organisations supporting those who were trapped in a police cordon for several hours at Oxford Circus distributed cards (popularly known as "bust cards") giving contact numbers for solicitors willing to advise them. The Mail said that some of the lawyers themselves were handing out cards. 2002 Mar 14 Marc Levy Harrisburg (Pa) Patriot News B5/2 The case [the arrest of Egyptian Ahmed Ebrahim Moussa in Lancaster, Pa] drew fire from the American Civil Liberties Union, which has distributed thousands of Arabic-language [End Page 432] "bust cards" since the Sept. 11 attacks informing immigrants of their rights if confronted by law enforcement officers.

cafeteria Catholic n Catholic picking and choosing from among church teachings 1988 Apr 15 David Anderson Record D04 (head & text; Lexis-Nexis) YOUTHS CALLED [']CAFETERIA CATHOLICS' / Catholic young people, like their parents, are committed to a "cafeteria Catholicism," in which they pick and choose among church teachings, especially in the area of sexual ethics and behavior. [fl] That's the opinion of the Rev. Andrew Greeley, priest sociologist, writing in the Catholic magazine, The Critic. 2000 Nov 5 Letter to ed Providence (RI) Journal-Bulletin 17F (Lexis-Nexis) Yehuda Lev has characterized Joe Lieberman as an "Orthodox-Lite." In another faith, he would be called Cafeteria Catholic. 2002 Mar 26 Maureen Dowd Harrisburg (Pa) Patriot News A7/1 And American boomers, who see the Vatican's precepts on sex and virtue as frozen and antiquated, have become "cafeteria Catholics," selecting dishes from the Vatican prix fixe menu and circumnavigating bans on premarital sex, birth control and divorce.

chick lit n Fiction popular among young women 1996 Jan 28 Margaret Quamme Columbus Dispatch 6G (head; Lexis-Nexis) 'CHICK-LIT' MAKES ENGROSSING, PROVOCATIVE REPLY TO FEMINISM 2002 Apr 18 Sinead O' Hanion Excite News (London)|04-18-2002::09:00 |reuters.html Harlequin Mills and Boon, which sells more than 175 million bodice-ripping romances annually, says it...


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