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  • Plagiarism/outsource, Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, Untilted Heath Ledger Project, a History of the Search Engine, Disco OS
  • Charles Bernstein (bio)
plagiarism/outsource, Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, Untilted Heath Ledger Project, a history of the search engine, disco OS. Tan Lin. Zasterle Press. 86 pages; paper, $15.00.

Let me chase to the cut here and note, in place of a more conventional review, the list of prestigious Purple Pelican Awards won by this book. I believe the virtues of this book are adequately spelled out in this list:

  • Best 2009 book © 2006

  • Best original pageplay

  • Best type designography

  • Best performance by a supporting actor (Heath Ledger)

  • Best typomancy

  • Best pageplay adapted from another source

  • Best concept Best execution

  • Best book party

  • Best book by New York poet teaching in New Jersey

  • Best book—situation comedy

  • Best book—drama series

  • Best book—VVV

  • Best book—color/image

  • Best derivative effects

  • Special Jury Selection: Islas Canarias Badge ("The Canary")

  • Quadrupple Con ("The Drupple") for Foreignness in a Domestic Production

Purple Globe Awards®, "The Canary"®, and "The Drupple"® are Registered Trademarks of "Web Log"®. The Purple Globe Awards were formally called The Purple Pelican Awards® and the Pelican Punch Awards®.

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Charles Bernstein

Charles Bernstein teaches at the University of Pennsylvania, where he chairs the Department of Stand Up Poetry and Avant-Garde Comedy and heads the search committee for the Chief Rabbi of the First Church, Poetic License.