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  • Three More Sonnets
  • Bob Perelman (bio)

Look, here's everyone in the worldand we're all recognizably the samespecies. Maybe just coincidence, but it changes things.Since the batteries last only so longit's unlikely we'll get far past basics, codes, feel of stuff,outcomes, bottom lines, you, me, other people,underfunded certainties.

Fate I would say is permanently out of fashion:you can only be a no-show so long. But thatleaves the wars exactly the same. Still,there is something to be seen at both ends of the tunnel.Not to mention the tunnel itself. It may notmake the news, but the news is now the oldesttrick in the book and you're like, this is such a sonnet.


I don't think I've ever knowna signified to stay stillcertainly not to be spoken withno wonder the signifiers tendto mill together more interestedin one another like poetswho would really rather the readingwere over so the serious gossipcan begin. Not that listeningcan't be a pleasure etc etc. And not allpleasures are bad. Some of themare genuinely ethical. There'shomeostasis involved anytime anything happens


You are the first personI ever imaginedlistening to thisfreshly borrowed timeI lay on the screen [End Page 120] in token of somethingat least one of us means

Both probablybent during usebut not unreturnablein fact some thingsneed to be thoughtback and forth quite a bitbefore they'll begin to work

Bob Perelman

Bob Perelman is a poet and critic who teaches in the English Department of the University of Pennsylvania. His most recent book is Iflife.



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