This book explores "waiting" as a culturally denigrated concept whose potential for aesthetic and moral insight the author seeks to recuperate. He employs various thematic perspectives, elaborated and illustrated with reference to an eclectic range of literary, philosophic, and artistic genres ranging from Homer to Bergson to Carver and others. On Waiting examines the pleasures and displeasures of waiting, its gendered implications, the role and function of waiting as it relates to reading, writing, looking, and lingering. The author discusses futile and hopeful, patient and impatient waiting, the "waiter's" gaze, her fascination with random objects, the waiter's boredom, restlessness, and so forth. This original investigation contributes to an understanding of an experience whose very familiarity, the author claims, has obscured it, and whose seeming lack of productivity harbors the potential to oppose purely economic aspects of time and value.


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