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  • Cumulative Index:Volume 66 July 2009 Through April 2010


Number 1, July 2009

1 ASUNCIÓN LAVRIN: 2008 CLAH Luncheon Address: Recuerdos/ Remembrances

11 PETER M. BEATTIE: "Born under the Cruel Rigor of Captivity, the Supplicant Left it Unexpectedly by Committing a Crime": Categorizing and Punishing Slave Convicts in Brazil, 1830-1897

57 IAN READ: Sickness, Recovery, and Death among the Enslaved and Free People of Santos, Brazil, 1860-1888

81 HOWARD J. WIARDA: Research Note: The Political Sociology of a Concept: Corporatism and the "Distinct Tradition"

Number 2, October 2009

155 MICHAEL A. ERVIN: Statistics, Maps, and Legibility: Negotiating Nationalism in Post-Revolutionary Mexico

181 O'NEILL BLACKER: Cold War in the Countryside: Conflict in Guerrero, Mexico

211 DOUGLAS COLE LIBBY AND AFONSO DE ALENCASTRO GRAÇA FILHO: Notarized and Baptismal Manumissions in the Parish of São José Do Rio Das Mortes, Minas Gerais (C. 1750-1850)

241 JOHN F. SCHWALLER/MIGUEL LEÓN-PORTILLA: Research Note: Broken Spears or Broken Bones: Evolution of the Most Famous Line in Nahuatl

Number 3, January 2010

Special Issue: Evangelization As Performance

305 JOHN F. SCHWALLER: Evangelization as Performance: Making Music, Telling Stories

311 JONATHAN TRUITT: Adopted Pedagogies: Nahua Incorporation of European Music and Theater in Colonial Mexico City

331 KRISTIN DUTCHER MANN: Christmas in the Missions of Northern New Spain

353 MARK Z. CHRISTENSEN: The Tales of Two Cultures: Ecclesiastical Texts and Nahua and Maya Catholicisms

379 VINCENT PELOSO: Dependency, History, and Scholarship: An Interview with Stanley J. Stein [End Page 599]

Number 4, April 2010

435 HEATHER FLYNN ROLLER: Colonial Collecting Expeditions and the Pursuit of Opportunities in the Amazonian Sertão, c. 1750–1800

469 AGEETH SLUIS: Bataclanismo! Or, How Deco Bodies Transformed Revolutionary Mexico City

501 JAYMIE HEILMAN: Under Civilian Colonels: Indigenous Political Opposition, Organization, and Militarism in 1920s Ayacucho, Peru

527 ELISA SERVÍN: Reclaiming Revolution in Light of the "Mexican Miracle": Celestino Gasca and the Federacionistas Leales Insurrection of 1961

Notes and Reviews

255, 559 Inter-American Notes

107, 259, 393, 565 Book Reviews [End Page 600]

Books Reviewed, by Title

A Social History of Mexico's Railroads: Peons, Prisoners, and Priests by Teresa Van Hoy, reviewed by Monica Hardin, 2: 297
Andean Cocaine: The Making of a Global Drug by Paul Gootenberg, reviewed by Victor M. Uribe-Uran, 2: 299
Argentina: Stories for a Nation by Amy K. Kaminsky, reviewed by Donna J. Guy, 2: 280
Argentina's Radical Party and Popular Mobilization, 1916-1930 by Joel Horowitz, reviewed by Matthew B. Karush, 2: 291
Atlantic History: A Critical Appraisal by Jack P. Greene and Philip D. Morgan, eds., reviewed by Mark D. Szuchman, 3: 431
Bárbaros: Spaniards and Their Savages in the Age of Enlightenment by David J. Weber, reviewed by Barbara Ganson, 2: 298
Before the Eyes of the World: Mexico and the 1968 Olympic Games by Kevin B. Witherspoon, reviewed by Eric Zolov, 2: 279
Between Two Rivers: The Atrisco Land Grant in Albuquerque History, 1692-1968 by Joseph P. Sánchez, reviewed by Stanley M. Hordes, 2: 267
Black Townsmen: Urban Slavery and Freedom in the Eighteenth-Century Americas by Mariana L. R. Dantas, reviewed by Kali Nicole Gross, 1: 143
Cave, City, and Eagle's Nest: An Interpretive Journey through the Mapa de Cuauhtinchan No. 2 by David Carrasco and Scott Sessions, eds., reviewed by John F. Schwaller, 2: 261
Claiming Rights and Righting Wrongs in Texas: Mexican Workers and Job Politics during World War II by Emilio Zamora, reviewed by Richard Griswold del Castillo, 4: 578
Cold War Exiles in Mexico: U.S. Dissidents and the Culture of Critical Resistance by Rebecca M. Schreiber, reviewed by Steven J. Bachelor, 4: 585
Coloniality at Large: Latin America and the Postcolonial Debate by Mabel Moraña, Enrique Dussel, and Carlos A. Jáuregui, eds., reviewed by Fabrício Prado, 3: 420
Coming to Miami: A Social History by Melanie Shell-Weiss, reviewed by Raymond...


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