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INTERMEZZO Nabokov Studies, 1 (1994), 104-13. 'They handed in the key of 59 rue Boileau— three weeks later the building was destroyed by German bombs—and /eft for the station. (Brian Boyd, Vladimir Nabokov: The Russian Years, p. 522.) 106 Nabokov Studies The Birch Grove near the entrance to the Grunewald Park, Berlin "If one advanced even further — not to the left where the pinewood stretched endlessly, and not to the right where it was interrupted! by a coppice of young birches, freshly and childishly smelling of Russia — the forest again thinned out... " 108 Nabokov Studies 880 Highland, Cayuga Heights, Ithaca "... the Nabokovs' favorite Ithaca home and the one that resonates most in his work, in the echo chambers of PALE FIRE. A large picture window... uncurtained, made all the furniture appear to stand out in that crystal land.... Catminding , window, waxwings, shagbark, swing horseshoes — everything about the place was kindling for PALE FIRE. " (Brian Boyd, Vladimir Nabokov: The American Years, pp. 303, 314.) 110 Nabokov Studies The Sunstroke (Goldwin Smith Hall, Cornell University, and 623 Highland, Cayuga Heights, Ithaca) "/ am ill. The doctor says it is a kind of sunstroke. Silly situation: after two months of climbing shirtless, in shorts, in the Rockies, to be smitten by the insipid N. Y. sun on a dapper lawn. High temperature, pain in the temples, insomnia and an incessant, brilliant but sterile turmoil of thoughts and fancies. " 112 Nabokov Studies BerlÃ-n, Wilmersdorf (near Nestorstrasse), Railway Overpass. Thunderstorm. "... we shall never forget, you and I, we shall forever defend on this or some other battleground, the bridges on which we spent hours waiting with our little son ... fora train to pass below.... You did nothing to curtail or rationalize these hour-long stops on windy bridges when, with an optimism and a patience that knew no bounds, our child would hope for a semaphore to click and for a growing locomotive to take shape at a point where all the many tracks converged, in the distance, between the black backs of houses. " ...


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