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  • Index:Volume 25, 2002


Aguirre, Robert D. "Cold Print: Professing Authorship in Anthony Trollope's An Autobiography." 25.4 (Fall): 569-92.
Antonetta, Susanne. "Living on the Human Road." 25.1 (Winter): 203-213.
Bal, Mieke. "Autotopography: Louise Bourgeois as Builder." 25.1 (Winter): 180-202.
Frank, Johanna. "Bearing Proxy-Witness." 25.1 (Winter): 58-72.
Freadman, Richard. "Genius and the Dutiful Life: Ray Monk's Wittgenstein and the Biography of the Philosopher as Sub-Genre." 25.2 (Spring 2002): 301-342.
Harlow, Barbara. "Redlined Africa: Ruth First's Barrel of a Gun." 25.1 (Winter): 151-70.
Hayes, Kevin J. "Poe, the Daguerreotype, and the Autobiographical Act." 25.3 (Summer 2002): 477-92.
Johnston, Georgia. "Geographies of the Closet: The Lives of Paul Monette." 25.1 (Winter): 171-79.
Lloyd, Jennifer M. "Collective Memory, Commemoration, Memory, and History: Or William O'Brien, the Bible Christians, and Me." 25.1 (Winter): 46-57.
MacKay, John "'And Hold the Bondman Still': Biogeography and Utopia in Slave and Serf Narratives." 25.1 (Winter): 110-30.
Parker, David. "Counter-Transference in Reading Autobiography: The Case of Kathryn Harrison's The Kiss." 25.3 (Summer 2002): 493-504.
Powell, Katrina M. "Writing the Geography of the Blue Ridge Mountains: How Displacement Recorded the Land." 25.1 (Winter 2002): 73-94.
Procida, Mary A. "'The Greater Part of My Life Has Been Spent in India': Autobiography and the Crisis of Empire in the Twentieth Century." 25.1 (Winter): 130-50.
Reed-Danahay, Deborah. "Sites of Memory: Women's Autoethnographies from Rural France." 25.1 (Winter): 95-109.
Rollyson, Carl. "Biography Theory and Method: The Case of Samuel Johnson." 25.2 (Spring 2002): 363-68.
Schur, Richard. "Critical Race Theory and the Limits of Auto/Biography: Reading Patricia Williams's The Alchemy of Race and Rights Through/Against Postcolonial Theory." 25.3 (Summer 2002): 455-76.
Sonstegard, Adam. "Performing the 'Unnatural' Life: America's First Gay Autobiography." 25.4 (Fall): 545-68.
Tilden, Norma. "Stratigraphies: Writing a Suspect Terrain." 25.1 (Winter): 25-45.
Vansant, Jacqueline. "Political Memoirs and Negative Rhetoric: Kurt Waldheim's In the Eye of the Storm and Im Glaspalast der Weltpolitik." 25.2 (Spring 2002): 343-62.
Wachter, Phyllis E., and William Todd Schultz. "Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2001-2002." 593-671. [End Page 774]
Wider, Sarah Ann, and Ellen Percy Kraly. "The Contour of Unknown Lives: Mapping Woman's Experience in the Adirondacks." 25.1 (Winter):1-24.


Appleby, Joyce. Inheriting the Revolution: The First Generation of Americans. Reviewed by Paul Gilje. 25.2 (Spring): 404-406.
Ashley, Kathleen, and Pamela Sheingorn. Writing Faith: Text, Sign, and History in the Miracles of Sainte Foy. Reviewed by Kirsten Wolf. 25.2 (Spring): 379-82.
Booth, Marilyn. May Her Likes Be Multiplied: Biography and Gender Politics in Egypt. Reviewed by Faegheh Shirazi. 25.3 (Summer): 526-31.
Buss, Helen M., and Marlene Kadar, eds. Working in Women's Archives: Researching Women's Private Literature and Archival Documents. Reviewed by Janice Dickin. 25.3 (Summer): 513-18.
Buss, Helen M., D. L. MacDonald, and Ann McWhir, eds. Mary Wollstonecraft and Mary Shelley: Writing Lives. Reviewed by Audrey Bilger. 25.2 (Spring): 397-400.
Cary, Phillip. Augustine's Invention of the Inner Self: The Legacy of a Christian Platonist. Reviewed by Roland J. Teske, S.J. 25.2 (Spring): 377-79.
Cole, Ardra L., and J. Gary Knowles, eds. Lives in Context: The Art of Life History Research. Reviewed by William K. Storey. 25.4 (Fall): 684-85.
Friesen, Ilse E. The Female Crucifix: Images of St. Wilgefortis since the Middle Ages. Reviewed by Joseph M. Sullivan. 25.3 (Summer): 534-37.
Gerstenberger, Katharina. Truth to Tell: German Women's Autobiographies and Turn-of-the Century Culture. Reviewed by Ruth-Ellen B. Joeres. 25.4 (Fall): 693-96.
Gilroy, Amanda, and Wil Verhoeven, eds. Epistolary Histories: Letters, Fiction, Culture. Reviewed by Townsend Ludington. 25.4 (Fall): 685-87.
Goldsmith, Elizabeth C. Publishing Women's Life Stories in France, 1647-1720: From Voice to Print. Reviewed by Roxanne Decker Lalande. 25.3 (Summer): 522-26.
Hägg, Thomas, and Philip Rousseau, eds. Greek Biography and Panegyric in Late Antiquity. Reviewed by...


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