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α m X Index — Volume XLI (2005) Aikin, Scott F. (with Robert B.Talisse), Why Pragmatists Cannot be Pluralists, ΙΟΙ—118. -----------, Still Searching for a Pragmatist Pluralism, 145—160. Anderson, Douglas R„ Who's a Pragmatist? Royce and Peirce at the Turn of the Century, 467-481. Atkin, Albert, Peirce on the Index and Indexical Reference, 161—188. Auxier, Randall E., review of Daniel Dombroski, Divine Beauty: Tbe Aesthetics of Charles Hartshome, 203-207. Bishop, Philip, review of Matthew Cotter (ed.), Sidney Hook Reconsidered, 451-454. Burke, Tom, The Role of Abstract Reference in Mead's Account of Human Origins, 567-601. Campbell, James, review of John J. McDermott, Ignas K Skrupskelis and Elizabeth N. Berkeley (eds.), Tbe Correspondence of William fames, 703—713. Can tens, Bernardo, review of Roger Ward, Conversion in American Philosophy: Exploring the Practice of Transformation, 444—450. Clendenning, John, Historical Introduction, I—II. -----------(with Frank M. Oppenheim, S.J.), editors, The Royce-Mason Letters, 13—45. Cooke, Elizabeth F., Transcendental Hope: Peirce, Hookway and Pihlstrom on the Conditions of Inquiry, 651—674. Croce, Paul Jerome, review of Wayne Proudfoot (ed.), William james and a Science of Religions: ReexperiencingTheVaneties of Religious Experience, 845—851. De Waal, Cornells, Why Metaphysics Needs Logic and Mathematics Doesn't: Mathematics, Logic, and Metaphysics in Peirce's Classification of the Sciences, 283-297. De Regt, Herman C. D. G., The Functional View of Science: Nozick and the American Pragmatist Tradition, 779-795. TRANSACTIONS OF THE CHARLES S. PEIRCE SOCIETY Vol. 41, No. 4 ©2005 875 X Dilworth, David Α., review of Joseph Grange, John Dewey, Confucius and Global Philosophy, W 855-862. Q 2 Eldridge, Michael, Why a Pragmatist May Be a Pluralist, 119-122. KH Farber, Ilya, Peirce on Reality, Truth, and the Convergence of Inquiry in the Limit, 541-566. Fishman, Steven (with Lucille McCarthy), The Morality and Politics of Hope: John Dewey and Positive Psychology in Dialogue, 675—701. Frackiewicz, Dorota, review of Krystna Wilkosewska, Art as the Rhythm of Life (Sztuka jako Rytmzcia), 455^-59. Frankenberry, Nancy, review of Janusz A. Polanowski and Donald Sherburne (eds), Whitehead's Philosophy, Points of Connection, 851—855. Garrison, James W, Dewey on Metaphysics, Meaning Making and Maps, 818—844. Grinde, Donald, review of Anne Waters (ed.), American Indian Thought, 863—864. Guerra, Gustavo, review of Arthur Efron, Experiencing Tess of the D'Urbervilles: A Deweyan Account. 870-872. Haack, Susan, Not Cynicism, but Synechism: Lessons from Classical Pragmatism, 239-253. Handy, Rollo, review of El/as L. Khalil (ed.), Dewey, Pragmatism and Economic Methodology, 429-434. Harris, Leonard, review of Bill E. Lawson and Donald F. Koch (eds.), Pragmatism and tbe Problem of Race, 440-443. Hilpinen, Risto, Notes on The Cambridge Companion to Peirce, 740—761. Houser, Nathan, Peirce in the 21st Century, 729—739. Hull, Kathleen, The Inner Chambers of his Mind: Peirce's "Neglected Argument" for God as Related to Mathematical Experience, 483—513. Jackman, Henry, Jamesian Pluralism and Moral Conflict, 123—128. Kaag, John, Continuity and Inheritance: Kant's Critique of judgment and the Work of C. S. Peirce, 515-540. Kruse, Felicia E., Emotion in Musical Meaning: A Peircean Solution to Langer's Problem, 762-778. Lysaker, John (with Michael Sullivan), "You Talking to Me?", 137—141. MacMuUan, Terrance A., Is There a White Gift? A Pragmatist Response to the Problem of Whiteness, 796-817. Marshall, Mason, Freedom through Critique: Thoreau's Service to Others, 395—427. Mayo, Deborah G., Peircean Induction and the Error-Correcting Thesis, 299—319. Mayorga, Rosa, Diamonds are a Pragmatists Best Friend, 255—270. McCarthy, Lucille (with Steven Fishman), The Morality and Politics of Hope: John 876 Dewey and Positive Psychology in Dialoge, 675—701. McDonald, Dana Noëlle, review of John Lachs and D. Micah Hester (eds.), A William Ernest Hocking Reader with Commentary, 232—238. z α McDonald, Hugh, review of Cornells de Waal, On Pragmatism, 435—439. W Meyers, Robert G., Peirce's "Cheerful Hope" and the Varieties of Realism, 321—341. Misak, Cheryl, Pragmatism and Pluralism, 129—135. Nubiola, Jaime, The Classification of the Sciences and Cross-disciplinarity, 271—282. Oppenheim, Frank M. (with John Clendenning), editors, The Royce-Mason Letters, 14-4-5. -----------, Royces Practice of Genuine Loyalty, 47...


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