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This list acknowledges recent works (except offprints of single articles) that appear to bear on the scientific study of language. The receipt of individual books cannot be separately acknowledged and no book can be returned to the publisher. Note especially that by accepting a book the Editor implies no promise that it will be reviewed in this journal. Reviews are printed as circumstances permit.

Aboh, Enoch O., and Norval Smith (eds.) 2009. Complex processes in new languages. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. vii, 409.
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de Swart, Henriëtte. 2010. Expression and interpretation of negation. Dordrecht: Springer. Pp. 297.
den Dikken, Marcel, and Robert M. Vago (eds.) 2009. Approaches to Hungarian, vol. 11: Papers from the 2007 New York conference. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. ix, 280.
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Faraclas, Nicholas, and Thomas B. Klein (eds.) 2009. Simplicity and complexity in creoles and pidgins. London: Battlebridge. Pp. iv, 220.
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Finch, Jason; Martin Gill; Anthony Johnson; Iris Lindahl-Raittila; Inna Lindgren; Tuija Virtanen; and Brita Wårvik (eds.) 2009. Humane readings: Essays on literary mediation and communication in honour of Roger D. Sell. Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Pp. xi, 160.
Florey, Margaret (ed.) 2010. Endangered languages of Austronesia...


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