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BOOKS RECEIVED Aarts, F. G. A. M., ed. The Best £f DQR. Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press, 1984. Paper $~32.25 Adams, Hazard. Philosophy of the Literary Symbol i c. Tallahassee, FL: Univ. PTe s s e s o f Florid a , 1983. Cloth $37.bU Paper $17.5U Adams, Percy G. Travel Li te rature and the Evolution £l JL££ ϋ£.Χ.£Ε · Lexington^ KY: DTi i ν. o f Kentucky Press , 1983. $30.OU Blamires, Harry, ed. /\ GjjJ_££ ££ i.w £££J_£££· Ç.££ÎL££y. £i£e£a££££ j_£ EjigJ_j_£^. New York: Methuen, 1983. CTotTi $"32.00 Paper $15.95 Davis, Jim. £.].£>_£ JlX H . vK B_y_£££. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 1984. Cloth-$44.50 Paper $15.95 Leavis, Q. D. Collected Essays: J_££ Ε_££ϋ££££££ o_f tji£ English Novel . G. Singh, ed. Cambridge: üambrTdge TTñ i vT FTe s s , 1984. Cloth $44.50 Paper $15.95 Lorsch, Susan E. Where Nature Ends: L i terary Responses to the Des i gη i fi cat i on of L a η d s ca ϕ e. Cranbury, NJ: FTirTTigh Dickinson Univ.Trels^ 1983. $22.60 Oliver, Hermia. The Internati onal Anarchi st Movement i η Late Victorian England. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1983. T2T70Ü------------------------------------Perosa , Sergio. Ameri can Theori es of the Novel : 17931903 . New York and London: New York Univ. PTeTs, 1984. $32.50 Radin, Grace. Virginia W.£££fj_£ "The Years": The Evolution of a Novel . Knoxville, TN: Univ. of Tennesse Press, 1981. $T6.5U Squires, Michael. The Creati on of "Lady Chatter!ey's Lover. Baltimore and London: Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 1983. $22.5U Weintraub, Stanley, ed. The Annual of Bernard Shaw Studies, IV. University Park, PA: Penn State Univ. Press, TTBTT—$Τ7Τ9"5 Williams, Merryn. JJonien j_£ the English Novel , 18U01900 . New York: St. Ma rt i n^sTress , 1984. $20.00 266 ...


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