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252 ENGLISH LITERATURE IN TRANSITION CONFERENCE 21 Date : 28 December 1965 Time: 10:30-11:45 a.m. Place: Palmer House Room: Room 7 PROGRAM The ninth annual meeting of the Conference on English Literature in Transition will deal with the Georgian and Trench poets. The bases for discussion will be Prof. Joseph Cohen's paper on Wilfred Owen, Prof. Robert H. Ross's book on the Georgians, Neil Brennan's review of Prof. Ross's book, and several other books published in recent years on the Georgian and Trench poets. The Discussion Leader has provided some random speculations to help focus discussion and by way of suggesting some problems that the Conference might consider. 1. Introduction. By Helmut E. Gerber, Discussion Leader. 2. Brief summary of "Owen Agonistes." By Joseph Cohen. 3. Discussion. By members of the Conference, under the direction of the Discussion Leader. Suggested preparatory reading: Joseph Cohen's "Owen Agonistes" (see following pages), Robert H. Ross's THE GEORGIAN REVOLT, Neil Brennan's review of Prof. Ross's book (see following pages). C. K. Stead's THE NEW POETrfC, John H. Johnston's ENGLISH POETRY OF THE FIRST WORLD V/AR, Brian Gardner's UP THE LINE TO DEATH, H. E. Gerber's review of the books by Stead, Johnston, and Gardner (see ELT, VIII: 2 [1965], 130-32), Richard Fein's "Modern War Poetry," SOUTHWEST REVIEW, XLVII (Autumn 1962), 279-88, and, if anyone has had the opportunity to examine these two works, I. M. Parson's MEN WHO MARCH AWAY: POEMS OF THE FIRST WORLD WAR and Bernard Bergonzi's HEROES' TWILIGHT: A STUDY OF THE LITERATURE OF THE GREAT WAR. 4. Business. Attendance is limited to about 35 persons. For admission to ¿he Conference, please write to Helmut E. Gerber, English Department, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana. Since some of the material in this number of ELT will be discussed during the meeting, those planning to attend the Conference should bring their copies of ELT with them. We shall try to have on hand a limited number of copies of this material in the meeting room. ...


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