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THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. ELT Special Session on Critical Approaches - 1880-1920 (MIA, Chicago, Oec. 1977)ι The proposed Special Session, pending MLA approval, will be directed by H. E. Gerber (Arizona State University ). Participating panelists will provide brief position statements for publication in ELT prior to the meeting. Specific authorunder consideration for discussion are Arnold Bennett, John Galsworthy , George Gissing, Thomas Hardy, George Moore, and H. G. Wells. Panelists are urged to focus on the adequacy or inadequacy of recent criticism and to propose new critical directions that might be taken. The program must be submitted to MLA before 1 July 1977 if panelists' names are to be published in the MLA program . Direct all correspondence concerning this Special Session to H. E. Gerber, English Literature in Transition, Department of English, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ (Ö5281). 2. ELT Special Session on the Novel and Society (MLA, New York, Dec. 1976)ι With H. Ray Stevens (Western Maryland College)in the chair, Jill Rubinstein (University of Cincinnati), Alice C. Pattersoi (Arizona State University), Richard A. Cassell (Butler University), and H. Ray Stevens briefly presented the highlights of their prepublished papers (ELT. XIXi 4 [1976]). Questions and comments from the floor followed. The main concern seemed to be with Butler's, Bennett's, Ford's, and Galsworthy's often rich ways and means of presenting negative views of society. The artist or imaginative sensibility, it was felt, is often portrayed as the critic of society, as the opponent of anti-cultural forces, but he develops no clear corrective social order, except perhaps by implication. Many writers of the 1880-1920 period, it was noted, have been critically underrated and need serious re-evaluation of an antiVirginia Woolf kind. The meeting was attended by 30-35 participants . At the conclusion H. E. Gerber announced that the subscription rates for ELT would remain the same for 1977 and that the topic for the 1977 meeting would be "Critical Approaches." ...


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