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  • Poet Called Rice
  • Obediah Michael Smith (bio)

[Wilfred Hanna Pinder,29 September 1936to 27 December 2007]

never got to encounterT. S. Eliot, Ezra PoundWilliam Carlos WilliamsTed Hughes, Sylvia PlathI did

he knew and loved Khalil Gibrandiscovered Rod McKuen laterpoets I've not read in ages

I used to own recordingsof McKuen's poems and his songsI've not read Rice either for some time

used to love him like a brother,like a father, especially his laughter [End Page 182]

how without fear he wasused to be a policemanused to dress up, used to travel

for years he used to drive a cabyears ago, he lost a leg

how changed he was, sadwhen initially he wassuch happy company

O was he mischievoushe is my daughter Jewel'sgodfather, I'd forgotten

that Sunday in December,Church of the Good Shepherdthe meal which followed

we had raisin duffI'd not had beforeI've not had sincemade and servedby Fr. Adderley's wife

Wilfred Hanna Pinder,whom we called Rice,is finished eating nowwe can break our platesor wash them, it doesn't matter

I wonder where his son ishis father called him Tiger,I hope he's burning bright [End Page 183]

Obediah Michael Smith

Obediah Michael Smith is a poet living and working in The Bahamas. He is the author of twelve books of poems, including Christmas Lights (2003), Poems to Sit On to Shell Peas (2003), On the Hinges of This Town (2003), Seventy Poems (2009), and Open Testament (2009). He was the Bahamas Writers Summer Institute poetry workshop instructor in July 2009.