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62 AMENDMENTS AND ADDITIONS TO A BIBLIOGRAPHY OF JOHN GRAY By Ian Fletcher (University of Reading) Professor G. A. Cevasco's bibliography of Gray (ELT, XIX: 1 [I976], 49-63) is more complete than any as yet published and will certainly prove of considerable assistance to scholars. Nonetheless, it comprises a few errors and inconsistencies, while failing to record a few items, both primary and secondary . My attention has been drawn to several of those by Mrs. Jerusha McCormack of University College, Dublin. No new secondary material after 1971 is cited and corrections to Cevase0 are in square brackets. AMENDMENTS The Blue Calendar, 1897 (Lond: pvtly ptd, I896). Carols. [This does not consist in carols, but in sonnets praising saints.] Vivas (Ditchling, Sussex: St. Dominic's P, 1922). Poems. [The title is Vivis.] The Long Road (Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 1926); also pvtly ptd by S. Walker in a pre-publication issue and sent to friends of G before eventual publication by Blackwell. Poems. [The place of publication of the pre-publication issue is Edinburgh and the printer was from Hinckley. It is a rough draft and variations of text from the trade issue should be noted. There is a copy in the John Rylands Library, University of Manchester.] St. Gertrude's 0 Beata Trinitas (Lond: Sheed & Ward, 1927); a second ed was published in 1928; a third, 1936. [The correct title of the first ed is 0 Beata Trinitas, The Prayers of St. Gertrude and St. Mechtilde; while the second ed was published under the title The True Prayers of St. Gertrude and St. Mechtilde.] Let Us Pray (Lond: Harrap, I936) [Not by Canon John Gray, and not a book of devotion; but a proletarian novel by a person of the same name who wrote other novels of a similar cast and the autobiography referred to by C. H. Oldham.] "St. Christopher," Frederick Rolfe and Others: A Miscellany of Essays (Aylesford, Kent: St. Albert's P, I96I), pp. 38"-39; previous printing history, if any, not traceable. Poem. [This was rptd from The Blue Calendar, 1896.] Sound. A Poem (Lond: Curwen P, 1926). [There is no doubt about the authorship of this poem. "Sound" appears in Gray's holograph manuscript of Silverpoints. for which, like "The Song of the Stars," it was originally intended. This manuscript, from the collection of Mrs. Donald Hyde, is on loan to Princeton University Library. In a letter to "John Gawsworth" (Terence Ian Fitton Armstrong) dated 31 Aug I932, now at the William Andrews Clark Library, Los Angeles, catalogue no. Wilde G 7794L A 8381, G specifically alludes to this poem as his own work. The context is the request for republication of "Sound" in 63 Gawsworth's anthology KNOWN SIGNATURES (1932). Cevasco is incorrect in recording that "Arthur Symons attributed it to Gray, and is responsible for its publication." A. J. A. Symons performed both roles.] The Child's Daily Missal (Lopham: Liturgical Apostolate, 1930). A devotional work by Dom Gaspar Lefebvre trans from French by G. [Not altogether so. This volume is an adaptation for children of part of the Roman Missal made by Dom Gaspar Lefebvre which G did into English, probably with the Latin text before him.] PART Is PRIMARY ADDENDA "Sensations," DIAL, No. 1 (1889), 34-36. Prose. Unsigned, but in G's style and with an allusion to his sister. The two sections could be passages from a diary covering his visit to the Langdale family during 1888. "Sonnet (trans from Paul Verlaine)," ARTIST AND JOURNAL OF HOME CULTURE, 1 Aug 1890, p. 24l, col 1. Poem. "Obituary. Dubois-Pillet," ACADEMY, CMLVII (Sept 1890), 205, cols 1-2. Prose. "Dix Portraits d'Hommes par Paul Bourget," ACADEMY, MLXI (3 Sept 1892), 188, cols 1-3. A review of Bourget's NOUVEAUX PASTELS. Ecstasy, A Study of Happiness (Lond: Henry & Co, I896). New ed. "A Sonnet for March," in SAINT JOSEPH'S ANTHOLOGY, POEMS IN PRAISE OF THE FOSTER-FATHER GATHERED FROM MANY SOURCES by the Rev. Matthew Rüssel, S.J. (Dublin: M. H. Gill & Son, 1897), p. 58. Poem. Untitled. MONTH, XCI (May I898), 512-13. Review of GESCHICHTE DER WELTLITERATUR (Freiburg im Breisgau, 1897)· Includes two untitled trans in verse...


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