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232 I come to based on the trust of Coles* own unique work. It may well be that Mary Webb, for one sector, must continue to play Puccini (even Mascagni or Leoncavallo) to Hardy's grander Verdi. Whether artists valued for one work, several or many; whether dealing in "sweet, little, low" things or the guts and deeds of derringdo , all are "bread-and-butter" composers in the standard repertoire. Precious Bane "was voted (by Sunday Times readers in I96I) among the hundred most memorable works of the half-century." Thanks to Gladys Mary Coles we now have more than a partial explanation why that should be so - and a judicious confirmation of Webb's endurance and her not so meagre public's intuition, taste, and humanity. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Charles Sanders BOOKS RECEIVED Listing here does not preclude the publication of a review in a future issue of ELT. Publishers receive two copies of the review Beckson, Karl. Henry Harland His Life arid Work (Londi The Eighteen Nineties Society, 197bTT $6.25. Cohen, Philip K. The Moral Vision of Oscar Wilde (Cranbury, NJi Farleigh Dickinson UP, 1979). Ί516~750. Collie, Michael. The Alien Art» A Critical Study of George Gissing 's Novels~THamden, CT: The Shoe String P, 1979). $19-50. Ellis, Peter Beresford. H. Rider Haggard A Voice from the Infinite (Boston« Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979)· $19.50. Farrow, Anthony. George Moore (Boston» Twayne Publishers, 1978). $9.95. Gooch, Bryan N. S., and David S. Thatcher. Musical Settings of Early and Mid-Victorian Literature A Catalogue (NY & Lond» Garland Publishing, 1979T^ $81.50. Graves, Robert, and Alan Hodge. The Reader Over Your Shoulder (NY» Vintage Books, 1979). Papen $3·95ί cloth» $9.95· Hovanec, Evelyn A. Henry James and Germany (Atlantic Highlands, NJ» Humanities P, 19797^ $ΤδΤ50. Hulin, Jean Paul, and Pierre Coustillas (eds). Victorian Writers and the City (lilies Publications de l'Université de Lille III, 1979). Meredith, George. The Egoist (NYi W.W. Norton, 1979). Paper! $5.95; cloth! fT5.95. Moody, A.D. Thomas Stearns Eliot, Poet (NYi Cambridge UP, 1979). $19.95Morrison , Robert E. Behold, This Dreamer (NYi Vantage P, 1978). $5-95. Morrison, Robert E. The Bird of Fire (NYi Vantage P, 1978). $5.95. Morrison, Robert E. Mary (NYi Vantage P, 1978). $5-95. Pinion, F. B. A D.H. Lawrence Companion (NY» Harper & Row, 1979). Puk, Francine Shapiro (ed). Thomas Hardy's Chosen Poems (NY» Frederick Ungar, 1978). $16.50. Rosenberry, Edward H. Melville (Boston» Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1979). $15.00. ...


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