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160 HENRY ARTHUR JONESi AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WRITINGS ABOUT HIM By J. P. Wearing (University of Arizona) Preface During the last decades of the nineteenth century and the first decade of the twentieth, Henry Arthur Jones (HAJ) enjoyed a successful and often controversial reputation. However, unlike Pinero , HAJ has been largely forgotten by all except a few students of late nineteenth-century drama, and, as my list of revivals demonstrates, HA.J's plays are no longer produced in the theatre. It is the purpose of this bibliography, therefore, to convey a sense of the popularity HAJ had in his own time and of the controversy his plays frequently created. To that end, I have abstracted numerous books and articles in which criticism of HAJ's work appears, together with a generous sampling of newspaper reviews which give a representative overview of reactions to the productions themselves. To help match those reviews to the appropriate production, I have provided a list of first productions and revivals; in the list, first productions are designated by an asterisk (*), and the abbreviation "mat" indicates a matinee performance. Hearts of Oak Harmony Restored Elopement A Clerical Error It's Only Round the Corner Elopement An Old Master His Wife Home Again A Bed of Roses The Silver King The Silver King Harmony [orig. Harmony Restored] First Performances and Revivals Theatre Royal, Exeter 29 May 1879* Grand, Leeds 13 Aug 1879* Theatre Royal, Oxford 19 Aug 1879* Court, Lond 13 Oct 1879* Theatre Royal, Exeter 11 Dec 1879* Theatre Royal, Belfast 16 Aug 1880 Princess's, Lond Sadler's Wells, Lond Theatre Royal, Oxford Globe, Lond Princess's, Lond Wallack's, NY Strand, Lond 6 Nov 1880* 16 April 1881* 7 Sept 1881* 26 Jan 1882* 16 Nov 1882* 27 Jan 1883 14 Jan 1884 161 Breaking a Butterfly Chatterton Saints and Sinners Saints and Sinners Saints and Sinners The Silver King Hoodman Blind Saints and Sinners Hoodman Blind The Lord Harry A Clerical Error Chatterton The Noble Vagabond Hard Hit Sweet Will Fair Play's a Jewel Heart of Hearts Heart of Hearts Heart of Hearts Heart of Hearts The Silver King Wealth The Middleman The Deacon Judah Sweet Will Prince's, Lond Princess's, Lond Prince of Wale's, Greenwich Theatre Royal, Margate Vaudeville, Lond Princess's, Lond Princess's, Lond Madison Square, NY Wallack's, NY Princess's, Lond Star, NY Star, NY Princess's, Lond Haymarket, Lond New Club, Covent Garden, Lond Vaudeville, Lond Vaudeville, Lond Vaudeville, Lond Madison Square, NY Park, NY Princess's, Lond Haymarket, Lond Shaftesbury, Lond Berkeley Lyceum, NY S haf te s bury, L ond Shaftesbury, Lond 3 March 1884* 22 May 1884* 17 Sept 1884* 22 Sept 1884 25 Sept 1884 2 April 1885 18 Aug 1885* 7 Nov 1885 30 Nov 1885 18 Feb 1886* 23 Oct 1886 mat 23 Oct 1886 mat 22 Dec 1886* 17 Jan 1887* 5 March 1887* 6 April 1887 3 Nov 1887* mat 10 Nov 1887 16 Jan 1888 1 April 1889 15 April 1889 27 April 1889* 27 Aug 1889* 18 May I89O 21 May I89O* 25 July I890 mat 162 The Deacon The Middleman The Middleman A Clerical Error Judah The Silver King The Dancing Girl Wealth The Silver King The Dancing Girl The Crusaders Saints and Sinners Judah The Middleman The Deacon Judah The Organist [orig. Harmony Restored^ The Silver King The Silver King Hoodman Blind The Organist The Silver King The Bauble Shop The Middleman Sweet Will The Silver King Shaftesbury, Lond Shaftesbury, Lond Palmer's, NY Olympic, Lond Palmer's, NY Olympic, Lond Haymarket, Lond Palmer's, NY Olympic, Lond Lyceum, NY Avenue, Lond Vaudeville, Lond Avenue, Lond Columbia, NY Madison Square, NY Columbia, NY Lyceum, NY Columbus, NY Bedford Avenue, NY Princess's, Lond Berkeley Lyceum, NY Grand Opera House, NY Criterion, Lond Columbia, NY Standard, NY Amphion Academy, Williamsbury, Brooklyn 27 Aug 1890 mat 6 Sept 1890 10 Nov 1890 5 Dee 1890 29 Dec 1890 3 Jan 1891 15 Jan 1891* 9 March 1891 16 May 1891 31 Aug 1891 2 Nov 1891* 27 Jan 1892 30 Jan 1892 4 April 1892 8 April 1892 11 April 1892 9...


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