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158 THE EDITOR'S FENCE 1. MLA Division Programs (San Francisco)ι Two programs, with H. E. Gerber presiding, of the Division on Late 19th- and Early 20th-century English Literature have been organized for the 1979 MAL Meetingst Topic Ii The Other Moderns! Reconsiderations The Case of Arnold Bennett by Anita Miller George Moore by Janet E. Dunleavy H. G. Wells as Literary Artist by William J. Scheick The Other Dramatists by J. P. Wearing Topic II! Eminent Moderns« Revaluations Walter Pater by Gerald Monsman Oscar Wilde on Interpretation by Bruce Bashford Thomas Hardy and Modernism by Robert C. Schweik Response by Wendell V. Harris 2. Looking Ahead ι For publication in future issues well into 1981 we are preparing annotated secondary bibliographies on Frederick Rolfe (Baron Corvo), Arthur Wing Pinero, and Lord Alfred Douglas. We also have many articles on various authors and topics waiting in the wings for space, for example, on Baron Corvo, Edmund Gosse, Ford Madox Ford, John Galsworthy, H. Rider Haggard, Oscar Wilde, George Moore, and others. 3. The A.S.IU Seriesi Most recently published titles in the Annotated Secondary Bibliography Series (N.I.U. Press) are Earl E. Stevens and H. Ray Stevens' volume on John Galsworthy (2,263 entries; about 731 pages) and Franklin E. Court's volume on Walter Pater (1,167 entries; about ¿K)0 pages). Previous volumes in the series are Charles Sanders' on W. S. Maugham (1970), Bruce Teets and H. E. Gerber's on Joseph Conrad (1971), H. E. Gerber and W. Eugene Davis' on Thomas Hardy (1973)ι Joseph Wolff's on George Gissing, and F. P. W. McDowell's on E. M. Förster (1976). In progress are H. E. Gerber and W. Eugene Davis' supplementary volume on Hardy; William J. Scheick and J. Randolph Cox's on H. G. Wells, James C. Cowan's on D. H. Lawrence; Bruce E. Teets' supplementary volume on Conrad; Roger Parsell and Hans-Peter Breuer's on Samuel Butler; Nicholas Salerno's on Oscar Wilde; and J. P. Wearing, Elsie B. Adams, and Donald C. Haberman's three volumes on G. B. Shaw. ^. Subscription Rates - No Increase! I can report, with caution and some queasiness, that subscription rates for I98O will remain the same as they are currently! $5.00 in The U.S.; $6.00 abroad, including Canada. ELT has survived 1979 in the black, although by a narrow margin; if subscribers continue to renew promptly and libraries don't involve us in unnecessary red tape, ELT will break even in I98O. Income from subscriptions, I must remind our readers, pays for all supplies and printing. The A.S.U. English Department provides office space, a part-time typist, and some graduate assistant aid. ELT, going into its twenty-third volume 159 in I98O, continues to remain independent and almost wholly selfsupporting . ANNOUNCEMENTS 1. The Centre Explosion in France; Victorian, Late Victorian, Edwardian, and Anglo-Irish Centers have sprung up in such profusion in France during recent years that one has a sense of a vigorous renaissance of English studies being in progress. To unravel the profusion of newly created centers and the various publications they sponsor, I have sought the advice of Professor Jean-Claude Amalric (CERVE, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier). The following seem to be the essential factsi Centre d'Etudes Irlandaises (Lille). Publishes Etudes Irlandaises, an annual, edited by P. Rafroidi. Centre d'Etudes Victoriennes (Lille). Directed by Pierre Coustillas. Publishes monographs or separate books. Centre d'Etudes Anglo-Irlandaises (Haute-Bretagne). Publishes Cahiers du Centre d'Etudes Irlandaises, an annual , edited by Jean Noel. Centre d'Etudes Victoriennes (Lyon). Publishes Confluents, a review of the English Department, edited by P. Veyriras . Centre d'Etudes et de Recherches Victoriennes et Edouardiennes (CERVE, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier). Publishes Cahiers Victoriens et Edouardiens, a twice-yearly journal, edited by J. C. Amalric. 2. Beckson Reprinted; Aesthetes and Decadents of the 1890s, the very useful anthology edited by Karl Beckson and out of print since 1973, will be reissued in late 1979 or early 198O by Academy Chicago Ltd., 36O N. Michigan Ave. , Chicago, 111. 606OI. 3. Erratum¡ We regret the typographical error on the table of...


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