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144 underworld, and to enable him to have 'one hand towards heaven, and one hand towards earth.'" Other types of amulets , words of power (or hekau), and the magical instrument known as the iir_ hekau are also described in this book. 41Cameron, p. 86. Her title essay includes a detailed consideration of the Time concepts used in The Amulet. 42Lewis, p. 14. His greatest tribute to The Amulet, of course, is The Mag ician's Nephew, which contains a scene based directly on "The Queen in London." EHGLISH LITERATURE IH TRANSITION IHDEX Il VOLUME 16 (1973) - VOLUME 25 (1982) $8.00 U.S. $9.00 FOREIGH 219 S ■■F * Subscribers in All 50 States and 34 Countries A QUARTERLY IN ITS 28th YEAR OF PUBLICATION Articles Reviews Bibliographies Foreign Reports Library Reports Send Orders To: ELT English Dept. Arizona State University Tempe. AZ 85287 Subscription Rates, 1985-1987 $9.00 U.S. $11.00 FOREIGN 220 sr/ SPECIAL SERIES ν %»v NUMBER 3 'Essays in Memory of Hal Gerber" Thomas Hardy Walter Pater James Joyce George Moore H.G. Wells G.B. Shaw Morley Roberts Joseph Conrad Oscar Wilde John Galsworthy $10.00 U.S. $12.00 FOREIGN Available In October 1985 LIMITED EDITION ORDER NOW ...


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