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EDITORS' FENCE 1. Reactions to the Improved Format: Our readers have been generous in their comments on the changes in ELT's format and content. The expanded coverage of books was particularly well received, as was the change in the Briefer Mention section, where information about new publications is concisely summarized. We believe that in time scholars increasingly will turn to ELT for current assessments of a wide range of scholarly books pertinent to our area of study. And as you will note under "Forthcoming," leading scholars continue to place reviews in ELT. On occasion we feel it only fair to allow an author the opportunity to compose a gentlemanly rejoinder to a review of his book, a feature not new to the pages of this journal. We will not, however, make a habit of this practice, since rejoinders occupy valuable space that could otherwise be given over to articles and reviews. A number of readers pointed to a problem that has pestered ELT before, typos. (We were tempted to spell it "tipos.") Numbers 1 and 2 contained too many typographical mistakes, an annoyance to all concerned. We believe the combination of extra effort and new procedures for 3 and 4 have minimized the appearance of the tiresome little devils. All in all, though, ELT has a good beginning to its second quarter-century. 2. Subscription Rates for 1984: Although production costs have increased slightly, as they are bound to do from time to time, the sale of Index II and back issues has offset the need to alter subscription rates for the coming year. Domestic rates will remain at $6 annually, as they have since 1981. Foreign rates will also remain at the current price of $8. According to the Postmaster General, major changes in postal rates will become effective in the early spring of 1984. We suspect they are unlikely to decrease. Nevertheless, If at all possible subscription rates will remain the same for 1985. ELT does have a limited number of complete runs (1974-1983) available at a reduced price. If you know of a library that does not subscribe to ELT, persuade its serials librarian to take advantage of this new offer and start subscribing to our journal. 3. Los Angeles IDA Report and the Coming New York MIA: As might be expected since most members of the Advisory Board live in the Midwest and in the East, only a few of our colleagues attended the Los Angeles convention. Bob Langenfeld met individually with several Board members to discuss changes planned for ELT and to listen to new suggestions, all of which he found informative and useful. It is always good, too, simply to see familiar faces, to meet for the first time with old friends of ELT, and just chat. Bob had the opportunity to attend several sessions in which Board members participated. Stanley Weintraub contributed to a lively panel discussion entitled "Charles Dickens and George Bernard Shaw: Influence, Impact, and Affinity"; Jack Wayne Weaver presented an insightful paper in the session on "Irish Satire after Swift"; and Charles Burkhart gave a knowledgeable and delightfully witty paper in the session "Barbara Pym: A Retrospective." Plans for a gathering of Board members in New York are uncertain at present, but we will'of course attend the New York convention and hope to meet individually with all the ELT colleagues who are in town. There will be more on plans for the New York MLA when hotel arrangements are confirmed. 4. Memorial Voluae: The memorial volume for Hal Gerber will be published by the University of Arizona Press. Hal would be particularly pleased because its publication is in conjunction with A.S.U.'s centennial celebration. It is not a surprise 158 that Hal was a prominent figure at A.S.U. and thus it seems most appropriate that a book on the 1880-1920 period of British literature will be dedicated to him and featured with other centennial publications. Skip Brack, the volume's editor, will channel all royalties, along with the money in the Memorial account, into a scholarship fund for graduate students in Hal's name. 5. Bibliographies: This year ELT has published bibliographies...


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