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Book Reviews In the chapter "Divination," a hghtweight piece given as a coUege lecture, Kermode remarks on Conrad's repeated use, in Under Western Eyes, of the word "soul" and certain synonyms for it. I think that the slight perplexity over the character Natalia Haldin's calling Tekla, in unusual idiom, a "strange soul" in the episode of the call on Peter Ivanovitch, the revolutionary, might be countered by interpreting "soul" there in the same sense as in Gogol's Dead Souls. Tekla is httle more than a serf, self-constrained to the incessant service of that arrogant "feminist." Few indeed are the oversights or imprécisions in An Appetite for Poetry. The sparse attention to poetry as such, limited mainly to that of Wallace Stevens and Milton, and to scattered poetic contexts of others, does not scant the value topic. Kermode has undertaken to vindicate hterature against mere theory and to exhibit measures of theory appropriate to the real task. The book belongs, like Kermode as an honored scholar-critic, to the great traditions of civü discourse. Grover Smith Duke University ¿A' Books Received ^ Dellamora, Richard. Masculine Desire: The Sexual Politics of Victorian Aestheticism. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1990. ix + 226 pp. Cloth $29.95 Paper $12.95 Dickson, L. L. The Modern Allegories of William Golding. Tampa: University of South Florida Press, 1990. xi + 163 pp. $19.95 Elsom, John, ed. Is Shakespeare Still Our Contemporary? New York: Routledge, Chapman & Hall, 1990. 192 pp. Cloth $49.95 Paper $13.95 Ganz, Margaret. Humor, Irony, and the Realm of Madness. New York: AMS Press, 1990. xv + 307 pp. $39.50 Hamilton, A. C. Northrop Frye: Anatomy of His Criticism. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1990. xxii + 294 pp. $45.00 Harbage, Alfred. Annals of English Drama 975-1700. Third Edition Revised by Sylvia Stoler Wagonheim. New York: Routledge, Chapman & Hall, 1990. xix + 375 pp. $79.95 Henke, Suzette A. James Joyce and the Politics of Desire. New York: Routledge, 1990. xii + 288 pp. Cloth $45.00 Paper $15.95 Henricksen, Bruce, and Thai's Morgan. Reorientations: Critical Theories and Pedagogies. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1990. χ + 275 pp. Cloth $39.95 Paper $14.95 255 ...


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