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BOOK REVIEWS from England but united as an independent nation. Long had outlived his time. In some ways, his intractability contributed to the outcome he detested . When David Lloyd George secretly offered Home Rule to John Redmond's southern Irish group and permanent exclusion for the six Protestant counties in Ulster, Long heard of the offers and was outraged. As a member of the cabinet, he publicly insisted that no Home Rule question even be considered until after World War I was over. This insistence cost Redmond his Irish support and made Sinn Fein's appeal even stronger. Being attacked by Unionists in all parts of Ireland, Long was forced to modify his position. To help Edward Carson retain his support in Ulster, he finally backed the concept of continued British union for the six Protestant counties. His belated recommendation that Ireland have two parliaments subservient to England's and that England retain control of taxes and customs was not acceptable to any Irishman. A United States of Great Britain was not to be, and Ireland refused to accept dominion status. Had Kendle's study been about Churchill or Lloyd George, it would have been more interesting but less necessary. Had he chosen to write a biography of Long, it might also have been more interesting. Long had a family. A son and daughter died young, but Kendle scarcely mentions them. Kendle does stick to his topics—Long, Ireland, and the Union —and presents these in considerable detail by almost exhaustive references to relevant archival collections. While he does not refer to many book-length studies, he gives convincing coverage to his topics. ELT readers can benefit from the volume, as well as historians. Jack W. Weaver Winthrop University ♦ Books Received ♦ Kiely, Robert. Reverse Tradition: Postmodern Fictions and the Nineteenth Century Novel. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1993. χ + 302 pp. $34.95 Meale, Carol M., ed. Women and Literature in Britain, 1150-1500. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993. χ + 223 pp. $49.95 Merck, Mandy. Perversions: Deviant Readings. New York: Routledge, Chapman & Hall, 1993. ix + 301pp. Cloth $49.95 Paper $14.95 279 ELT 37:2 1994 Montague, Clifford. Farewell, Goodbye, The End? The Secret History of a Literary Era. Santa Barbara: Fithian Press, 1993. 133 pp. Paper $8.95 Murphy, Peter. Poetry as an Occupation and an Art in Britain 1760-1830. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1993. xii+ 270 pp. $54.95 Nash, Suzanne, ed. Home and Its Dislocations in Nineteenth-Century France. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1993. ix + 345 pp. $21.95 Roberts, Andrew Michael, ed. The Conradian: Conrad and Gender. Atlanta: Rodopi, 1993. xi + 148 pp. $50.00 Scheman, Naomi. Engenderings: Construction of Knowledge, Authority, and Privilege. New York: Routledge, Chapman & Hall, 1993. xxii + 254pp. Cloth $49.95 Paper $15.95 Shelley, Mary. The Last Man. Intro. Anne K. Mellor. Hugh J. Luke, Jr., ed. 1826; Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1993. xxviii + 342 pp. Paper $10.95 Siebers, Tobin. Cold War Criticism and the Politics of Skepticism. New York: Oxford University Press, 1993. xi+163pp. $35.00 Sim, Staurt. Beyond Aesthetics: Confrontations with Poststructuralism and Postmodernism. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1992. ix + 181 pp. Cloth $45.00 Paper $16.95 Slotkin, Alan Robert. The Language of Stephan Crane's Bowery Tales: Developing Mastery OfCharacter Diction. New York: Garland, 1993. xxi+ 150 pp. $25.00 Sollors, Werner, ed. The Return of Thematic Criticism. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1993. xxiii + 321pp. Cloth $34.50 Paper $15.95 Stallworthy, Jon. Wilfred Owen. 1974; New York: Oxford University Press, 1993. xiv + 333 pp. Paper $17.95 Thompson, Paul. The Edwardians: The Remaking of British Society. 1975; Second Edition. New York: Routledge, Chapman & Hall, 1993. xx + 342pp. Cloth $59.95 Paper $16.95 Upchurch, David A. Wilde's Use of Irish Celtic Elements in The Picture of Dorian Gmy'. New York: Peter Lang, 1993. 104 pp. $32.95 Wallace, Anne D. Walking, Literature, and English Culture: The Origins and Uses of Peripatetic in the Nineteenth Century. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1993. χ + 265 pp. $45.00 Wilding, Michael. Social Visions. Sydney: Sydney Association for Studies in Society and Culture, 1993. 186 pp. $25.00 Wilson, Douglas B. The Romantic Dream: Wordsworth and...


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