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Editor's Fence The Outside Decision: That gathering of 1880-1920 authors featured on the covers of last year's 35th anniversary issues will reappear on special occasions. Their departure came after a fascinating moment of literary conflict and consensus. The esteemed group decided among themselves that it was best to adjourn, believing a variety of art and artists should be seen on the covers oÃ- ELT. How could we refuse them? The entire discussion was delightfully contentious, as we might expect. Of course George Moore spoke loudest, arguing he knew the most about taste, about art: "After all, I gave the English Monsieur Manet. Read my Modern Painting more closely this time. You'll see I have always known what's best in art and in literature. Always." GM's monologue came as no surprise to Oscar, who, by the way, looked well indeed. He glanced at Beardsley, and then leaned back in his chair: "We know, dear George, we know. And do remember, please, not to lock the door as you go out." Marse Pater, reluctant mentor to so many—"he who made the lights burn blue"—sat impassive. Hardy and Kipling too. Willie Yeats seemed especially unhappy. He took leave early on. I fear the great man realized he'd never see his visage on the front cover of ELT. He left murmuring something about "the singularity of the boom light... center stage ... but for me, for me alone." If only there were space to describe all the polemics: the acute observations of Gissing, the faultless judgments of Madox Ford, the untroubled sarcasm of Schreiner, the intense confidence of Wells. ... Credits for Art Work: Acknowledgments for art that appears on the cover is printed at the end of the last contents page in each issue. Photographs, illustrations, or drawings that accompany an article are acknowledged in the respective endnotes under "Editor's Note." ♦ Announcements ♦ Call for Contributors: DLB volume on British novelists 1890-1929. Interested contributors may contact the editor by June 15: Dr. George M. Johnson, English Department, University College of the Cariboo, 900 College Dr., Box 3010, Kamloops, British Columbia V2C5N3 Canada. NEH Summer Seminar for College Teachers: "Critical and Theoretical Perspectives on Modernism," June 14-July 31. Joyce, Woolf, Lawrence, Conrad, and Wallace Stevens will be put in the context of contemporary theory and modernist culture. Contact Dr. Daniel R. Schwarz, English Department, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853. ...


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