Objectives. This study sought to understand differences across racial groups in diabetes patients' medication-related beliefs and adherence problems due to cost concerns. Research design and methods. We surveyed 806 African American and White diabetes patients about their beliefs regarding medications, cost-related adherence problems, socioeconomic status and communication about treatments with their clinicians. Results. Many patients endorsed statements such as "Most prescription medications are addictive" (35%) and "Insurance plans push generics to save themselves money at the expense of my health" (65%). African Americans expressed more negative attitudes than White patients and were more likely than White patients to report cost-related medication underuse (19% versus 13%; p5.02). Medication-related attitudes did not explain the higher rates of cost-related medication underuse among Black patients. Conclusions. Many diabetes patients have negative beliefs about their medications. Other unknown factors however, explain higher rates of cost-related adherence problems among African American compared with White patients.


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