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Reviewed Elsewhere Winter 1991 ARAFAT, YASSAR Arafat: In the Eyes of the Beholder. Janet Wallach and John Wallach. New York: A LyIe Stuart Book/Carol Publishing Company, pp. 384. $19.95. Reviewed by Arthur Hertzberg. The New York Review of Books, October 25, 1990, pp. 41-47. "The book is encouraging not because Arafat emerges from it as particularly likable: the authors do not repay the Arafat favor of the time he spent with them by describing a man of admirable character, the Mahatma Gandhi or the Nelson Mandela of the Palestinian cause. In their account he can be petty and mean to members of his entourage , and sometimes resorts to lies and betrayal—but he emerges as indispensable to holding the Palestinian factions together." Reviewed by Robin Wright. The New York Times Book Review, November 25, 1990, p. 9. "Drawing on extensive interviews with Mr. Arafat and his peers, with key mediators, and with both Arab and Israeli officials, the authors use Mr. Arafat's life as a device to chronicle the stages of Palestinian nationalism and the five Middle East wars, as perceived on both sides of the political divide." ARONOW, DONALD Blue Thunder: How the Mafia Owned and Finally Murdered the Cigarette Boat King Donald Aronow. Thomas Burdick and Charlotte Mitchell. New York: Simon and Schuster, pp. 384. $22.95. Reviewed by John Katzenbach. The New York Times Book Review, November 25, 1990, p. 26. "After a short opening section describing the final days of Aronow's life. Blue Thunder turns into a first person narrative, with Mr. Burdick describing what he found, what he saw, and what he learned from his investigation. Consequently the book has REVIEWED ELSEWHERE 177 less the feel of a well-grounded documentary and more that of a conversation, often with reporters in city newsrooms going over who knew whom. And the prose has the hurried quality, probably because of the need to rush the book into print before the upcoming trial of Mr. Young [who is accused of the muder]." ASAD, HAFIZ ELAsad : The Struggle for the Middle East. Patrick Seale. University of California Press, pp. 552. $25.00 cloth, $14.95 paper. Reviewed by Shaul Bakhash. The New York Review of Books, September 27, 1990, pp. 49-53. "Patrick Seale's biography of Asad, which has recently appeared in paperback is indispensable for understanding Syria's enigmatic leader. The biography proved highly controversial when it was first published over a year ago. This is hardly surprising. Better than any other book I know of, Asad: The Struggle for the Middle East gives a sense of the intensely secretive Asad and of the inner workings of his equally secretive regime." BACHE, BENNY Franklin and Bache: Envisioning the Enlightened Republic. Jeffrey A. Smith. New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 222. $28.00. Reviewed by Esmond Wright. New York Times Book Review, September 30, 1990, pp. 15-16. "In the later half of Franklin and Bache Jeffrey Smith is . . . successful in bringing to life Benny Bache, the legitimate son of Franklin's legitimate daughter, Sarah." BALANCHINE, GEORGE (See "Farrell, Suzanne") BARNES, DJUNA "Life is painful, nasty and short. . . In my case it has only been painful and nasty." Djuna Barnes, 1978-1981: An InformalMemoir. Hank O'Neal. Paragon House. $19.95. Reviewed by Lisa Shea. The New York Times Book Review. November 25, 1990, p. 19. "This odd little memoir of Djuna Barnes (1892-1982) has its curiosities and charms. At once admiring of and admonitory toward its subject, the book serves as a loopy chronicle of the three-year friendship that developed between the aging, infirm and still piously eccentric poet and novelist and Hank O'Neal, a record producer and writer, who got to know Barnes after being asked to look in on her by their mutual friend, the photographer Berenice Abbott. . . . What emerges from [the book] is a portrait of the writer in her final decline: proud, bowed and—as Mr. O'Neal and others before him who had befriended her were forced to conclude—insufferable." BARRYMORES, THE The House of Barrymore. Margot Peters. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, pp. 642. $29.95. Reviewed by Benedict Nightengale. The New York...


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