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  • Forthcoming:Volume 22, Number 2

Projecting Early American Literary Studies

Introduction, by Sandra M. Gustafson and Gordon Hutner
Early American Literature and American Literary History at the "Hemispheric Turn," by Ralph Bauer
Doing the Hemisphere Differently: A Response to Ralph Bauer, by Suzanne Bost
Land and Literacy: The Textualities of Native Studies, by Stephanie Fitzgerald and Hilary E. Wyss
The Presence of Early Native Studies: A Response to Stephanie Fitzgerald and Hilary E. Wyss, by Eric Gary Anderson
Rummaging/In and Out of Holds, by Susan Scott Parrish
A Response to Susan Scott Parrish, by Melissa Littlefield
New England, Nonesuch, by Matt Cohen
New Media, Nonesuch: A Response to Matt Cohen, by Joseph Tabbi
Revolutions in the Meaning and Study of Politics, by Eric Slauter
A Response to Eric Slauter, by Michael Rothberg
Renegades from Barbary; the Transnational Turn in Captivity Studies, by Gordon M. Sayre
A Response to Gordon M. Sayre, by Brian Edwards
Genealogies of Our Concerns, Early (African) American Print Culture, and Transcending Tough Times, by Frances Smith Foster
Recapitulating the Yam: The Promise of African-American Literary Studies at History's End: A Response to Frances Smith Foster, by Erica R. Edwards
Still(ed) Lives, by Susan M. Stabile
Mobile Afterlives: A Response to Susan Stabile, by Stephanie Foote
Projecting Early American Environmental Writing, by Timothy Sweet
Is Early American Environmental Writing Sustainable? A Response to Timothy Sweet, by Daniel J. Philippon
From Edwards to Baldwin: Heterodoxy, Discontinuity, and New Narratives of American Religious-Literary History, by Joanna Brooks
Threshing Floors: A Response to Joanna Brooks, by Susan Griffin
Settler Postcolonialism as a Reading Strategy, by Edward Watts
Globality and the Ends of the Nation-Form: A Response to Edward Watts, by Chandan Reddy
The Theory Gap, by Ed White and Michael Drexler
Disciplinary Panic: A Response to Ed White and Michael Drexler, by Russ Castronovo


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