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Editor's Comment Our "Comments on Process" section achieves its unique signature by taking risks. Catching teachers in the act of teaching, it freezes, if only for a moment, the process of defining one's own field in space and time: teachers teaching themselves and sharing the outcome with us. We are on the dangerous ground of the "middle voice" that Roland Barthes describes, the voice that is inside the action, affecting itself in the act of speaking. The process is risky because we cannot achieve collégial intimacy without sacrificing some of the objectivity and scholarly equipment that makes us, as journal readers and writers, comfortable. Historically, we have always been more comfortable with documents than with voices. Through voices of reportage, introspection, and revelation, these authors combine self-reflexive testimony, cultural issues affecting teaching and writing, and the personal value structures and belief constructs thatpermeate their artistic/pedagogical processes. Taken together, this interleavening of elements forms a new "mystery" (to borrow from Greg Ulmer's Teletheory); we are invited to walk in the shoes of our colleagues and to interrogate tradition with them. Another form of risk-taking seeks to bring unfamiliar material into the artistic and pedagogical arena. By demonstrating the plenitude of dramatic practices from many cultures—history, ethics, and technical production—we stimulate ourselves and our colleagues as we challenge each other to dynamic levels of inquiry and performance practice. We learn from the inspiring and provocative events surrounding Chinese collaboration, AIDS performance, and Eastern European "psychosomatic" training, as well as from the ancient rites of the Kabuki and Náhuatl performances. Our journey towards the 21st Century will supply us with an abundance of challenges. It is in this spirit that we invite risk-taking from our readers in the form of additional "Comments on Process" and letter-length responses, risks that will lead us forward into the 21st Century, an inter-cultural century. Beverley Byers-Pevitts Editor Announcing the Incoming Editor of Theatre Topics... Professor Suzanne Burgoyne, Department of Theatre University of Missouri-Columbia, Rhynesburger Theatre 129 Fine Arts Center, Columbia, Missouri 65211. ...


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